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Be flexible with journaling routine to get better results

As I discussed in my previous post which was a part of Blogchatter’s CauseAChatter where we write a post chosen on a particular topic. I chose to write on mental health. It was under this title I explained why should we start with Mindful Journaling.
The next was the things we can include to make my Journal stands different and therapeutic to me.
To keep our mind occupied positively rather than those worrisome words, better to decide what to choose from my art supplies to decorate and create my journal page today.

It is not necessary to write everyday as Anita commented on my last post that she find it difficult to write every day. Dear Anita, It’s perfectly okay to write whenever you have a time. No worries because you are not into diary writing but journaling with me !

Today’s Prompt – Mood Tracker

Today’s Prompt is for all those who are not having time to write. Try out and share your experience with me.
Watch out this video to get more idea and forget about that boring way of writing. You can tell your kids to try this too. This help them to understand their emotions. Do tell them to accept all kind of emotions. It is okay to sad and happy equally.

See this template below. You can create this in your own unique way for your journal !

Inspired by –

This one is for coffee lovers :

I am also like you. Whenever I am excited or feel low I go for coffee date ! Please tea lovers, don’t get offended. I have a template for you too. Check out the post I have shared the next .

Image source – pinterest

For more creative ideas check this post :

This won’t take much time. Once you are decided with your template, all you have to pick the emotion of the day and colour the same. Hai na ek dum madt idea 😉

Waiting for your response in comment section. Do share the problem you face while writing your journal, I would like to discuss those with you.

Love you all…..💞💞💞

This April I am participating in BlogchatterA2Z writing campaign.

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  1. Anita

    Agree with you especially- it’s perfectly okay to feel happy/sad.
    The ‘mood tracker’ video looks lovely.

    1. Aurora M

      Thanks a lot ! I am glad that you liked it

  2. Deepti Menon

    What unique ways to keep a track of one’s moods! I have been meaning to keep a journal and some of these ideas would really be helpful. Thank you, Aurora, for this post. And if you enjoy classic Poetry, do visit my blog.
    Thank you! 🙂

  3. Shalini

    I love the mood tracker templates you shared. I have one on my planner too!

    1. Aurora M

      That’s great! Do share your theme of mood tracker.

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