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All you need to start with Mindful Journaling- Part 1

You can start writing journal on a simple note book or any other fancy one. I would suggest not to use digital one because it increases the screen time and you will not have that feeling When you will write it down in a notebook. There are many reasons to start Mindful Journaling
If you want to add  your creativity you can go for bullet journal.

Before you start writing your mindful journal I would suggest you to go through some of these things  which are available online. These will make you think to choose the creative aspect of your personality, your decision power . This is a way to focus on creation rather than unnecessary unwanted thoughts.

I would also recommend you to subscribe my blog as I am going to give a prompt and a creative idea every day.

A bullet Journal-

Here are someone of the bullet journals available online at very cheap price. You can easily afford them. These are having dots inside.

Even I loved this one too.

2. Brush Pens to add creativity

These brush pens with help you to add creativity. You can write titles , important dates , some quotes or special words. My daughter loves to use it in journaling.

3. Highlighters

Highligters will help you to highlight the important things. These pastel shades are different from the one which are available in the market. The texture is also good.

4. Stickers

Stickers will grab the attention and soark your mood while writing journal. It breaks the monotony of the pages and all write ups. You can’t all the time write. Hence, you can express your emotions with these stickers.

5. Few designer Tapes

There will help you to make borders and create a photo frame ( that I will explain later ). Some of these are available online. You can find the better source to buy.

I bet you will not get bored while writing journal. These are equally work for kids and adults. So Get , Set Go…..!

Do let me know what else you wanna learn about the journals. Share in comment section ???

What are you going to buy from my list ??

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  1. Anita

    Interesting. I like the little & lot saying!
    I do have a diary. But, writing everyday is a challenge.
    Screen-time takes up most of the time.

  2. Ruchi

    interesting series. i do try to keep a journal but then get lazy.

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