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Look for inner happiness – the ultimate goal of life

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Look for inner happiness rather than the one which comes from the materialistic things, relationships, expectations or achievements. Your inner happiness is far beyond this. It comes from self realisation and contentment.

The outer happiness is temporary but inner happiness is permanent. It is the ultimate goal of your life. Life is a game , play it smart. Be patient, be happy πŸ™‚

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A talk to the Sea #poem

When someone asked me

How do you feel when you look at the sea ?

I smiled and replied

I feel calm and relaxed

As it has patience to hear me

Listen all my nonsense talks

Understand my emotions

See my dreams

Which are floating

Somewhere deep in my mind

My said or unsaid words

Dear Sea ,

You reply me so honestly

With every wave that come across

Far from the deep ocean

You bring joy and hope

Sitting beside you on the bed of sand

I feel as if you are my best friend….!

How do you feel when you see the sea/ocean/lake ? I am eagerly waiting for your comments🀩🀩

Read my another poem- Beside the Lonely Lake. If you want to know how the poet was born , click here to read. Fine… how about knowing my another best Friend-Sunny. He is so funny….πŸ˜‰

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Book Review – Food Technology #BlogchatterEbook Carnival

Technology can make make our life easier if directed in a positive direction. Give a whisk to the technology in a cup of life to make it sweeter !

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Today, in this post I am going to review a book where the technology meets the food and adds a dash of easiness in our life. This book review is under a Book Review program initiated by Blogchatter. This is a part of E-book Carnival about which I have mentioned in my previous post also.

I was privileged to read this book as it helped me to get connected with one more passionate teacher like me. Secondly, it made me connected with my subject after a long period of time. ( Being a Chemistry Post Graduate). Here goes my honest review about the book.

Ebook, blogchatterebook,  food technology,  education

About Book

The book named ‘ Food Technology ‘ by Sivaranjini Anandan has been recently published by BLOGCHATTER during there Ebook Carnival. The E-book has about 78 pages and covers various topics. It is available for free download for a limited period of time. You can download the copy here.

Know more about Author

Sivaranjini Anandan is teacher by passion. She has got engineering degree in Food Technology and Masters in Administration. She loves exploring the different aspects of food technology and writing about it. She runs two blogs one for Food technology ( Click here to read)and the other is self improvement blog ( click here to read). She also has two stories in two respective anthology eBooks to her name. You can also reach out her at Twitter

Listen what she has to say about her book

Book Review

The book contains most of the topics which are being connected to our daily life. Better understanding about these topics helps us to be more vigilant and choose the right product as per our need.. She has an excellent knowledge about the techniques mention in the book. The wide range of techniques has been covered from MAP technology, RFID technology, Whey processing, Yogurt processing, 3D food printing , fermentation, Irridation ,enzyme technology are few of them. Everyone should know different types of healthy diets which are good for our health. As I said in the beginning, technology has been beautifully connected with the life experience in every chapter. It gives reader positive vibes and helps them to make their life easier. Importance of antioxidants encourage the healthy food habits.

My Favourite lines –

Tea processing technology
To brew more positivity and happiness, we need to clean up the withered leaves in our garden of life. We
should leave our past behind and keep going despite the difficulties of life, with energy and enthusiasm.

Sivaranjini Anandan

Ultrasound technology
Many times in life, stress agitates and disturbs the peace of mind, with hope and self-confidence; you can
convert stress into productivity as everything has some good when you perceive it properly.

Sivaranjini Anandan


  • The content is well supported by the visuals.
  • Easy language for better understanding.
  • Interesting facts keeps the readers blind to the book.
  • Recipes mentioned gives readers a personal experience.
  • Topics are chosen carefully keeping their utility in life like tea processing and cane juice processing.


  • Since every topic is different from the previous one, continuous flow of topic create hindrance in understanding.
  • Some of the Illustrations could have been better.


Title – ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Cover Page – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Content- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Visuals- ⭐⭐⭐
Language – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Overall- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I wish her very best for her e-book. I recommend this book to all those who want to expand their knowledge about food technology and adventures of technology in our lives.

Craving for more to read ?

CLICK HERE TO download my FREE COPY OF MY E-BOOK revolutionized teaching for Generation Z

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Journey to my First ebook- Revolutionized teaching for Gen-Z

Almost three years back , when I published my first post, it was dedicated to all my students. I shared my experience as a teacher alongwith the life incidents in and around my life. Words flowed out from the sea of emotions. I started with zero experience in blogging. Year 2018, when I started with SuperBlogger Challenge Challenge with HealthwealthBridge , I came across many good bloggers who inspired me and made me grow as a blogger . During these online blogging competitions I came across Blogchatter -a community completely dedicated to bloggers. I loved their idea of Blogchatter AtoZ , Blogchatter for a cause and specially MyFriendAlexa Challenge. There started the journey towards making myself confident to write a book.

Blogging is my hobby turned into passion but not profession. Being an educationist I have a dream to do something productive in the field of education. So , I chose to write about Teaching Strategies.
Suddenly, we have witnessed a big turn in the field of education leading towards Online teaching. Since, I was already working upon this line ( Two months before the lockdown I completed basic Fundamentals of Google for Education course) I thought to share my knowledge with others so that they could also get inspired.

Being a blogger, I was using Canva a lot for creating images for my Pinterest account and other social media platforms. I tried this app for my classroom tool. The result was great ! Once again my creativity in my teaching was recognized. First was when I got special appreciation as a title Creative Teacher on Teacher’s Day. And the second was when I created a special certificate for each student of my class and honored them for their individual capabilities and capacities apart from academics. It was a proud moment for me when I was appreciated in the presence of whole staff.

Combining the tools of blogging, social media networking and digital content creating tools , I feel we can revolutionized our teaching and grow as a teacher. For this, the need of understanding this new generation is must. I can say this as per my experience of carrying out few activities in the class and my interaction with old and new students.
Some of my students have already completed their college degrees and now in their life learning mode and the other batch presently who are present in my classroom. Their requirements are different from the way we were taught or the way we were teaching 20 years back.
They need to be heard and hence the teacher has to build connection with them.

When I complied all these thoughts, it came out as an E-book.

Click here to download free e-book

This e-book would be a great learning tool for graduate who are planning to get into this profession or already doing there bachelors or Masters in Education. The new thought process of these Newly Qualified teachers with my experience mentioned in the E – book would bring a positive change in our education system.

This will build up your confidence and make you stand out of the crowd due to The WOW FACTOR of your teaching. ( To read more about WOW factor download my ebook today).

There are many ways to create this revolution in our teaching skills :

1. Gift a free copy – Gift this free copy of my book to someone who wants to be A WOW TEACHER.
2. Be my Voice – Share it with those who are inspired to be a teacher – your sister, your friend or someone who is already into this profession.
3. This for Daddy also – You should also download this book as there is lots of inspiration hidden for you. The way I have applied this blogging tools to my education system you too can incorporate in your business.
4. This for Mummy also – You are making wonderful food in kitchen, why not to share with world with your creatives ? Download today and check out.

Get a copy for yourself and Give it to someone!!! Since you are special to me I am going to share with you a link to free copy of e- book. Click on the link and download the copy TODAY !!!

Finally with all ups and downs, I completed the book published with encouragment of chatter. In the next post I am going to share how 63 writers came together under the guidance of Team of blogchatter and published 63 books online. I am gonna share few of their work here and the links to their marvelous work.

Lots to come !

Till then stay tuned , stay safe…

PS : Do check out the teaser of my book on YouTube channel . This is am example of creating a video with free video creating app. There are many other apps are mentioned in the book to digital content. Do check out yourself and create a video according to your need ! Video creates better impact.

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Self – Care Bingo for kids

Let’s play this Self – Care Bingo coming week to keep your kids physically,  mentally and spiritually fit. Rejuvenate all your energy and create memories. Strengthen your family bond and develop a strong connection with nature by Just one Activity specially created for kids.

Follow the instructions given for the activity and be winner.

Remember, Kids should learn with fun not by force. For more activities Click here ! Let’s have fun with activites this weekend.

Enjoy your weekend

Stay happy , stay strong!

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Earth has found her own way to healing

She was struggling hard
For her survival
She requested
Again and Again
Not to exploit her
Every bit of her
Was gone worst
Her beauty was destroyed
Her soul was shattered
She was badly trapped
All the waste
On her face
Enough is enough
She gathered courage
With all her force
She stood up again
No more
You mean Humans
You stay in cage
Be ready for worse
This is your curse
I will find my way
You just stay away

Earth has found
Her own way to heal

Now is the time
For Earth to revive..
Now is the time
For birds to fly
Now is the time
To learn a lesson
Now is the time
Not to repeat mistakes
If we want to make
Our future safe

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Six Word Story- Lazy Life

It has been since so long that I have not written any response to daily prompts. Today I thought to get back to it as I feel this is a great way to get connected with my fellow blogger.

Here is my response to this six word story prompt.

lazy life, bitter truth of lockdown

lIfe marbles

What’s your opinion about this story ? Share your views with me. As a reader add few lines to this to define it a better way. Let your imagination be active. Waiting for your words……contd

Check out my few more entries in response to these prompts here

Daily prompts by Life Marbles.

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Why do people find faults in others ?

Life quotes , why people find faults in others , Journey of life continues quotes , lifemarbles, quote for the day,

There are times in the life when we meet people who always keep themselves busy finding faults in others. The reason may vary from person to person. May be they want to prove themselves superior or they are not being capable enough to do something productive. Whatever the reason may be, You need not to worry. Keep doing your good work and move towards your goal.

Believe me you are the most beautiful soul. You have eyes and mind which do not see or think wrong for others. You have a beautiful soul ! You do not degrade others to get good grades for yourself. So be happy and enjoy your day 😊😊

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Life, Ludo and Lockdown

Today, we are going to talk about this lockdown which we all are pretty bored about. Most of the people in the world are under lockdown may be for 40 days of 50 days. The family members which were not having the time to even see each other today are locked down in their houses together. Amongst this difficult situation what comes in our life as a savior is Internet And Ludo.

Popularity of this game can be proved by the fact that four lakh  users are being added every day in the subscription list of this game. Ludo  has become the best pastime game during this lock down. Imagine even in my family, they play more than 10 games every day. The best part of this game is that It can be played online and offline both and from 3 players to 5 players even.

Even the Bollywood actors and actresses or cricketers find no escape from the four colors of Ludo. Be a world-famous cricketer like Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma , sharing their love, emotions and perspectives of life through ludo or the Urvashi Rautela, All are spending the lockdown time on playing this game.

The things which were once thought to be lost in soil of past are back again and this is one of them. The other benefit apart from spending time is building the lost relationship. A person sitting in one corner of the world can easily play with person on the other side of world.

I could hear how my drawing-room get changed into a playground with full on noises !!!

If you are not having ludo on your mobile phone, believe me you are missing all the fun. You can download Ludo on both iOS and Android. Make memories today to relieve the memories in future

Want toΒ play Ludo like Pro ! Check out the best 5 tips here and be the winner !! Believe in the power of positivity.

Here are few other ways to stay positive during this period of lockdown and spread the smiles on your and your loved one’s face. ENJOY WATCHING THIS and Don’t forget to share your ways to FIGHTING lockdown!

I am learning how to grow my blog with Neha from In case you are interested in joining the next batch, you can register for the Grow Your Blog Challenge here.

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Trust your crazy ideas

Trust your crazy ideas. Who knows one day this crazy idea of yours change your life !

Agree ! Share it with someone who is working upon or thinking about some new ideas

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