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Book Review – Food Technology #BlogchatterEbook Carnival

Technology can make make our life easier if directed in a positive direction. Give a whisk to the technology in a cup of life to make it sweeter !

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Today, in this post I am going to review a book where the technology meets the food and adds a dash of easiness in our life. This book review is under a Book Review program initiated by Blogchatter. This is a part of E-book Carnival about which I have mentioned in my previous post also.

I was privileged to read this book as it helped me to get connected with one more passionate teacher like me. Secondly, it made me connected with my subject after a long period of time. ( Being a Chemistry Post Graduate). Here goes my honest review about the book.

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About Book

The book named ‘ Food Technology ‘ by Sivaranjini Anandan has been recently published by BLOGCHATTER during there Ebook Carnival. The E-book has about 78 pages and covers various topics. It is available for free download for a limited period of time. You can download the copy here.

Know more about Author

Sivaranjini Anandan is teacher by passion. She has got engineering degree in Food Technology and Masters in Administration. She loves exploring the different aspects of food technology and writing about it. She runs two blogs one for Food technology ( Click here to read)and the other is self improvement blog ( click here to read). She also has two stories in two respective anthology eBooks to her name. You can also reach out her at Twitter

Listen what she has to say about her book

Book Review

The book contains most of the topics which are being connected to our daily life. Better understanding about these topics helps us to be more vigilant and choose the right product as per our need.. She has an excellent knowledge about the techniques mention in the book. The wide range of techniques has been covered from MAP technology, RFID technology, Whey processing, Yogurt processing, 3D food printing , fermentation, Irridation ,enzyme technology are few of them. Everyone should know different types of healthy diets which are good for our health. As I said in the beginning, technology has been beautifully connected with the life experience in every chapter. It gives reader positive vibes and helps them to make their life easier. Importance of antioxidants encourage the healthy food habits.

My Favourite lines –

Tea processing technology
To brew more positivity and happiness, we need to clean up the withered leaves in our garden of life. We
should leave our past behind and keep going despite the difficulties of life, with energy and enthusiasm.

Sivaranjini Anandan

Ultrasound technology
Many times in life, stress agitates and disturbs the peace of mind, with hope and self-confidence; you can
convert stress into productivity as everything has some good when you perceive it properly.

Sivaranjini Anandan


  • The content is well supported by the visuals.
  • Easy language for better understanding.
  • Interesting facts keeps the readers blind to the book.
  • Recipes mentioned gives readers a personal experience.
  • Topics are chosen carefully keeping their utility in life like tea processing and cane juice processing.


  • Since every topic is different from the previous one, continuous flow of topic create hindrance in understanding.
  • Some of the Illustrations could have been better.


Title – ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Cover Page – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Content- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Visuals- ⭐⭐⭐
Language – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Overall- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I wish her very best for her e-book. I recommend this book to all those who want to expand their knowledge about food technology and adventures of technology in our lives.

Craving for more to read ?

CLICK HERE TO download my FREE COPY OF MY E-BOOK revolutionized teaching for Generation Z

Learn new skills , build new connections and make books your best friends This is all about YEAR 2020 #lifemarbles Click To Tweet
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Journey to my First ebook- Revolutionized teaching for Gen-Z

Almost three years back , when I published my first post, it was dedicated to all my students. I shared my experience as a teacher alongwith the life incidents in and around my life. Words flowed out from the sea of emotions. I started with zero experience in blogging. Year 2018, when I started with SuperBlogger Challenge Challenge with HealthwealthBridge , I came across many good bloggers who inspired me and made me grow as a blogger . During these online blogging competitions I came across Blogchatter -a community completely dedicated to bloggers. I loved their idea of Blogchatter AtoZ , Blogchatter for a cause and specially MyFriendAlexa Challenge. There started the journey towards making myself confident to write a book.

Blogging is my hobby turned into passion but not profession. Being an educationist I have a dream to do something productive in the field of education. So , I chose to write about Teaching Strategies.
Suddenly, we have witnessed a big turn in the field of education leading towards Online teaching. Since, I was already working upon this line ( Two months before the lockdown I completed basic Fundamentals of Google for Education course) I thought to share my knowledge with others so that they could also get inspired.

Being a blogger, I was using Canva a lot for creating images for my Pinterest account and other social media platforms. I tried this app for my classroom tool. The result was great ! Once again my creativity in my teaching was recognized. First was when I got special appreciation as a title Creative Teacher on Teacher’s Day. And the second was when I created a special certificate for each student of my class and honored them for their individual capabilities and capacities apart from academics. It was a proud moment for me when I was appreciated in the presence of whole staff.

Combining the tools of blogging, social media networking and digital content creating tools , I feel we can revolutionized our teaching and grow as a teacher. For this, the need of understanding this new generation is must. I can say this as per my experience of carrying out few activities in the class and my interaction with old and new students.
Some of my students have already completed their college degrees and now in their life learning mode and the other batch presently who are present in my classroom. Their requirements are different from the way we were taught or the way we were teaching 20 years back.
They need to be heard and hence the teacher has to build connection with them.

When I complied all these thoughts, it came out as an E-book.

Click here to download free e-book

This e-book would be a great learning tool for graduate who are planning to get into this profession or already doing there bachelors or Masters in Education. The new thought process of these Newly Qualified teachers with my experience mentioned in the E – book would bring a positive change in our education system.

This will build up your confidence and make you stand out of the crowd due to The WOW FACTOR of your teaching. ( To read more about WOW factor download my ebook today).

There are many ways to create this revolution in our teaching skills :

1. Gift a free copy – Gift this free copy of my book to someone who wants to be A WOW TEACHER.
2. Be my Voice – Share it with those who are inspired to be a teacher – your sister, your friend or someone who is already into this profession.
3. This for Daddy also – You should also download this book as there is lots of inspiration hidden for you. The way I have applied this blogging tools to my education system you too can incorporate in your business.
4. This for Mummy also – You are making wonderful food in kitchen, why not to share with world with your creatives ? Download today and check out.

Get a copy for yourself and Give it to someone!!! Since you are special to me I am going to share with you a link to free copy of e- book. Click on the link and download the copy TODAY !!!

Finally with all ups and downs, I completed the book published with encouragment of chatter. In the next post I am going to share how 63 writers came together under the guidance of Team of blogchatter and published 63 books online. I am gonna share few of their work here and the links to their marvelous work.

Lots to come !

Till then stay tuned , stay safe…

PS : Do check out the teaser of my book on YouTube channel . This is am example of creating a video with free video creating app. There are many other apps are mentioned in the book to digital content. Do check out yourself and create a video according to your need ! Video creates better impact.

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Self – Care Bingo for kids

Let’s play this Self – Care Bingo coming week to keep your kids physically,  mentally and spiritually fit. Rejuvenate all your energy and create memories. Strengthen your family bond and develop a strong connection with nature by Just one Activity specially created for kids.

Follow the instructions given for the activity and be winner.

Remember, Kids should learn with fun not by force. For more activities Click here ! Let’s have fun with activites this weekend.

Enjoy your weekend

Stay happy , stay strong!

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You are boundary less #happyChildren’sDay

No matter where you are sitting

on the first bench or

somewhere in the corner,

my love for you

never be the less

My eyes will find you

My heart will hear you

There may be four walls around you

But you are boundary less 

(A short poem on Children’s day)

What’s your message for the children this year ???

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Children’s happy day

Happy children's day, children's day quote, wishes , student , teacher

Chidrens day wishes are on your way ! A very happy Children’s day to all the children. May your innocent faces always be happy and smiles on your lips spread the same innocence in the world ! #journeysays

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Why does the mental health of a teacher important ?

After a day of struggle when we reach home , we are so low at energy level that sometimes we feel as if we are not paying that much attention to our kids as we should ! We give 100% to the students in our class. Do we give same to our kids n family ?????

This question came it my mind when my 11year daughter told me to teach Social studies. She told me that she has heard a lot about my teaching style from my students. She wanted to have the same experience. She requested me to teach in a same manner as I am teaching in my class. After teaching for an hour or so, she felt so happy. Her satisfaction and enthusiasm made me feel that why am not teaching her in best of my way .

Teacher , mental health of the teacher , education , educational REFORMS
Yes/No ?

Am I the only teacher who feel it so ?
With limited resources, we are always being pressurised to give the best, where we have no freedom at workplace.
In between the stress of next day deadlines, completing the register work n preparation of next assignment or function , we are sometimes lost…. !!!

No ! It’s not. We, the teachers , are going through same kind of stress and pressure through out the world . Recently I read an article how the workload on teachers affect their children indirectly. One of the teacher who has shared her experience says

Working parenthood is never easy. Parenthood is never easy. Teaching is never easy. Parenting AND teaching simultaneously—it can sometimes feel like it will break you.

Physically—because there are only so many hours in the day and only so much of you to go around.

Mentally—because you’re guilty there isn’t more of you to share.

Recent study reveals that Two in five newly qualified teachers (NQTs) have experienced mental health problems in the last year, a new study has found. They are more prone to anxiety and panic attacks says the report.

What happens at the workplace directly effects her personal life. Hence , I feel teacher should get some independence in her work and must be time to time appreciated . This will bring productivity at the workplace and peace at mental level too.

Remember ! If the teacher is happy , definetly , she will bring more happiness in the lives of her 40 students bringing the life in her classroom. She will also be able to do justice with her kids at home too.

I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa. (Post-4). Kindly note If you are not on WordPress or not on blogger , still you can read my posts via e-mail. Fill this form and subscribe. You will the receive future posts in your mail box.

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Are you a teacher for Generation – Z

Who says teaching is the most easy job in the world ? Most of the people say if you can’t be anything be a teacher. My dears , please spend few months or few days in the classroom for long 8 hours. Only then you will realise that this is most challenging profession. You are not dealing with machines , instruments or any lifeless thing. You are dealing with 40 or 50 lives. These are not the ones like you but they belong to Generation – Z.

This generation who has born in the era where everything is mechanized, computerised. They are knowing how to handle the gadgets , smartphones, PS4 which you are still in the process of learning . Believe me a child of 1 year can scroll down the phone or search on YouTube better than you.

They don’t need you to explain anything or nor they need dictionary to know meanings. They have Google!!!

So , My dear teachers , why are you still there in schools ???

They have all the means to learn and get knowledge far beyond your capabilities. What they need is your ears ! Your attention , your time , your patience. They have all the online sources , family , friends and social media profiles . They can share their joys and sorrows online but they are all alone in this pseudolife. Help them to feel that someone is there in real life who real cares for them.

Children have lot to tell , to speak about but they have no one to hear. So my dear teacher’s, lend your ears to them. Listen them carefully with full attention and patience. Listen to their broken hearts , their reasons of joy , life mysteries.

Read out the article written by Shanna Peeples who is pursuing learning as a doctoral student @Harvard and 2015 National Teacher of the Year. She writes who can be bring their hearts out in the classroom and why should be do so.

What I’m sharing here is an abridged version of this lesson. Part of the reason the room gets quiet, I think, is because of a willingness to be authentic and vulnerable with our own authentic questions. I share my own frustrations with the difficult nature of justice, which is also an engaging topic for teenagers. ( Read the complete article here – The questions kids carry)

Their little minds are always been bombarded within . Lots of questions keep popping up. We as teachers should give them courage to ask these questions. We should vent out all their thoughts and solve their doubts. We have to develop the faith so that they should confide within us.

We as teachers have to bring the children’s positive side out which may have overshadowed by negativity. Help them to grow morally and spiritually. #journeysays #myfriendalexa

Be ready to bring change in lives of your students. They need you more now than ever.

Happy Teacher’s Day to all.

What qualities do you expect a teacher for today’s generation should have ? If you are a teacher of this generation , how would you handle them ??

Aurora M #journeysays

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Career security and research work need to incorporated in the present education

Education can bring the desired change in the future. If you want to shape the future shape the education system accordingly. Teachers , parents and management are the three main poles holding the students from each side. They will go whenever these poles will lead to. Hence we have to take the responsibility very wisely.

Education quotes, educational REFORMS in India

Last year an initiative has been taken to analyse the present Education System through interviews and survey( Click here to participate ) Even the educators from Finland educators have joined this initiative. Today’s blog will bring the thoughts of an enthusiastic teacher and blogger Sakshi on her views on Present education system.

Journeysays – Hi Sakshi , tell us something about yourself as a person and a blogger ?

Ans. As a person I’m an ambivert , sarcastic , definitely fun-loving , enthusiast , optimistic and I must say this list won’t end so in short , I’m a perfect blogger personality .

Journeysays- Are you happy with the present Education System ?Why or why not ?

Ans. Happy won’t be the exact word . Mixed thoughts define it perfectly . There are both advantages and disadvantages to this education system . Some of the disadvantages are

  • focus is not on the all round development of both physical and mental body of a child
  • Focus is given to the certification process like report card and marks that finally , actually don’t showcase the true abilities of the child .
  • The system of judging is same for everyone . But every child is not having the same in abilities . Here there is a broad difference between what should be done and what we shouldn’t do .
  • The course of students is more theoretical and is based on knowledge that would actually not help them in future . Basically the years you spent to get that metric pass or else just in the end remains a certificate without actual knowledge .
  • And lack of practical knowledge creates a region of unawareness where when they face competition on the international level , there confidence is compromised .
  • In this system of education , salaries of teachers are so low that even being considered the best , students ranks it last choice in their career option list.  
  • The school system is lot becoming like a spoon feeding ground . Just a recent change in cbse stated that in lower classes , a student can be promoted to next class even if they have failed in previous section .
  • The focus of higher education system in more on obtaining the degree than on research .

Journeysays- Why do parents in India still after the professions like doctors or engineers

Ans . Because there is no career security in other professions . These two job profiles fulfill all the requirements for a must option like , good salary package , respect , confirm job placement , demand for the these officials . After all parents wish for a secured profession . And these two are secured in many ways .

Journeysays- Your recommendation at various levels of education ?

1 . Practical and theoretical knowledge should be given equal importance .

2. Research work should be encouraged .

3. Career security should be offered and more and more skill based subjects must be introduced .

4 . By doing a single board in India , like Icse board will be better .

5. Nowadays there is too much pressure on students . Education is no pain , curriculum should be set in way that it’s fun and interesting . Not something to suffer from . But something to learn and experience .

Journeysays- Define Sakshi – as a teacher , as a student , as a parent (keeping education as a center point )?

Ans. As a teacher , I’m not-at-all a strict teacher . I like fun , interactive classes . New ideas and new ways of learning are always welcomed .

As a student , I’m a first bencher who curiously pens down every piece of information a good teacher ( I love lectures of ) tries to teach . Even in class I like regular study routines . Love to research too about topics discussed in class .

As a parent , which I’m not right now but I will try to make my kid to give value to education . I will be supportive to choose whatever there creative intuition may take them to . I’m a person who lives life based on interest . So I will try to impart that choose the subject or the field your passion is in .

Journeysays-These days children prefer to go abroad for higher education after 12th . What could be the reason for it ? Where are we lacking in terms of education ?

Ans. Because there is scope for a great future . Abroad there are additional benefits , high salaries , encouraging environment for honest working , job security , career security hence financial security , even if you are not in a specific job , doing research work .

Journeysays- What inspired you to get associated with this project ?

Ans . Education is something more than important to improve right now . And in anyway , be it discussions ,by teaching myself and keeping my opinions strongly , I’m ready for it always . I’m a more than happy to participate again , yes second time in such a wonderful initiative . Even last year I participated my answers are much more better this time because this year I experienced teaching kids myself .

Journeysays-How do you feel about this project and about my blog ?

Ans . Thanks a lot and million times to include me in this great initiative . Your blog is an inspiration . I would always love to be a part of your projects and initiatives . This is the blog that actually makes me to realize that working on social issues and spreading knowledge about it is so important . I am thankful to Ms Arora for always printing these innovation ideas discussing  specifically about education .

I must thank you for putting up your perspective about present Education System which needs to be modified according to the requirements of the students and future. She has always been very supportive and active in all aspects.

Read the interview with Shivam Mishra , opinion of Dr Amrita and others , well known blogger Romila – November’s child those who have added their voice.

If you are the one who can contribute to this initiative in any ways or know someone who can be the part of the change , kindly contact me at

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Happy Classroom

BlogchatterAtoZ, educational REFORMS, happy classroom, classroom idea

Happiness is when
I answer a question in the class
Happiness is when
I get answer of my question…
Happiness is when
I get a star in my notebook
Happiness is when
I get a pat on my back…..
Happiness is when
She calls out my name
Happiness is when
She appreciates my way…
Happiness is when
When I enter in class
Happiness is when
When I forget my flaws….

Let the children give the opportunities in the classroom to develop their happiness quotient.

Small efforts , few words can make their world magical . Here are few tips to develop happiness quotient of your children along with Emotional quotient and Intelligence quotient.

  • Give them a chance to ask questions.
  • Respect their opinion.
  • Welcome their suggestions.
  • Ask them to smile and clap at regular intervals .
  • Appreciate their response and small efforts.
  • Give them a chance to plan.
  • Call out with their names not with Roll numbers.
  • Reward them for their improvement.
  • Make them feel their importance .

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Finnish Education System – A new approach in education

Why trust a Finn?

It is not rare for the Finnish education system to be praised at the news. Whether it is the high scores in PISA results, excellent teachers or the equality of education.
The question remains: why should other countries follow the lead and adapt to the Finnish system? Well, the short answer is that they shouldn’t. On the other hand, adapting some of the pedagogy, approaches and methods, and fusing them into the local system – now that makes

Teacher Identity

Yes, there is a curriculum to follow as a teacher – however the teachers in Finland have a lot of independency followed by a whole lot of responsibility. In general, performance is not observed nor graded – instead there are annual feedback session between the teacher and the student as well as the parents. The parents are greatly involved in the progress and development of the child. This is how the learning is seen as an entirety, a lifelong commitment to learn and develop. The teacher’s asses each student, evaluate their individual learning ability and see them as unique cases – instead of a blank canvas where the curriculum is forced upon to.

Play it out!

One of the major differences between the Finnish Early Childhood Education & Care ideology and the rest of the world, is the approach to learning methods. By no means this is the only difference within the education methods, but surely it is an interesting one.

Learning through play has been proven to be effective and the fundaments of it, is that it is tailored to the age and development of a child.
”Much of the early childhood education and care in Finland centers around play, free discovery, collaboration, interaction, own initiative, concentration, and learning to take responsibility for one’s own actions. ECEC in Finland emphasizes the so-called soft skills of balanced growth and taking others into account, over quantifiable metrics.”

Curriculum Fusion

Finnish expertise is available overseas these days – however one must identify that changes in such profound matters do not happen overnight. Huippu Education Ltd. has entered the Middle East markets and has introduced an ideology of Curriculum Fusion – a way to bring elements of the renown Finnish pedagogy to a local context. For a school to seek this opportunity, they need to be open minded, ready to hand over some responsibility to the teachers from the management and to have the willingness to involve the parents as well as to really see the children as individuals and address that in daily practices.

The writer: Anna Eghaghara, a Finnish multitasker with a big vision of a better and a more equal world.
Huippu Education Ltd.

I must thank you Anna Eghaghara for being a part of the project Educational REFORMS in India and making us aware of this new system of education. Hope the educators will get some new innovative ways to teach and would like to see you in India in future to bring out a change in lives of students and revolution in teaching learning process

Thanks for this collaboration at International Level. I invite more people to join this project and be a part of this initiative in the following ways

  • Fill out the survey form. Link is given below. (
  • Share this link with your friends. I need around 1000 people to reach at some solid point.
  • Get interviewed on my blog or do a guest post ( Read the interview here ). You can send an e-mail too

Looking forward to read your views .

Ms Aurora

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