Young Activists from India working together for better future

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.”  — Stacia Tauscher, dancer and artist

The childhood is always been fun , free from all worries. There are some kids who are worried for the future of our Planet Earth .They are not waiting for to be an adult and start their work for society. They have started working from today irrespective of their age. They know they are the individuals like the other member of society who need to be heard. These young activist coming from different parts of India are determined and self driven individuals.

These young activists whatever they do , wherever they go, set an example for the society.  At such a young age, how they are so determined to bring a change in the society , makes me wonder.  Today I am going to talk about few of these kids who will make us think about our role for our mother nature !

As an elders we always think that we struggling with some many problems. But your problems aren’t bigger than the cause these little kids are working upon.

Meet this young girl Ananya Kamboj, being an SDG advocate and sportsperson, her tireless efforts to bring the positive change in the society is commendable.  At the age of 13, she has become author, blogger and she has made her first successful journey from Mohali to Petersburg in her book. Promoting sports specially in youth, empowering girls in sports, working for SDGs , subtle burning and Climate change Strike, she actively participates and promotes these activities. She is so humble and down to earth. I have not got a chance to meet her personally but my interactions with her twitter speaks about her.

Meet another 9 year young girl hailing from Manipur,  Licpriya Kangujam, the youngest climate activist in the world,  speaks about  in her own way to save mother Earth. She also runs a program where all the young activists from the world join together to work for a same cause. Click here to enroll your child for this platform, – YOUNG CLIMATE ACTIVISTS, a opportunity to serve the world for real cause. Currently they are having about 31,612 registered students, volunteers and members from 45 countries of the World

Like other children,  she too loves to spend her time to improve her creative skills.  She is an inspiration to many young children in India and globally. 

With her little feet she travels around the globe and in India to advocate the climate strike. She speaks about making the Earth more greener , killing whales ill -legally , support youth to come forward to make Earth a better place to live in.

Young Aarav Seth , may not be very famous name ( as he says. But I want to tell you it hardly matters you are famous or not, your every little effortis recognizable) . His contribution and stubbornness to work for our planet Earth can’t be denied.  Hence, Aarav the warrior, goes perfect with his name. With his little hands , this pure soul is trying to show the seeds to better future for the coming generations. This stands true for you dear Aarav.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
Theodore Roosevelt

Do these young children make us think what are we doing to give them a better and safe future? Ponder over a minute…..!!!

Write your opinion in comment section and share to amplify their voices !

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  1. I know Ananya because of Vikramji. Rest of them are completely new for me. Actually I am feeling ashamed that we adults are only deteriorating the situation and these kids are taking banners.

  2. There are some changing the world, there are some changing our society. Truth be told, the future seems to be in good hands. Few, yet persistently good hands!

  3. These kids are amazing and so much to learn from each one of them. If at such a young age they have such positive dreams and determination, surely there is hope. Wish more such change makers come to the front. Very well written post!!

  4. I remember when my environmental activism was squished out of me by my friends stuffing all the chocolate wrappers and waste in my bag. World can be really mean to people who try to do good for it. I hope these kids don’t feel disheartened.

  5. These are very inspiring stories from India. The mainstream media dont want to involve in such stories as they don’t “sell” much. It is a great initiative to share these stories here. Thank you for doing that.

  6. it’s great that the coming generation has taken a positive step to conserve nature. I hope they could spread awareness amongst people esp youth so that this drive could go long way. very inspiring and motivating initiative.

  7. I feel we have taken the environment for granted and we need to make changes. We need to make a shift. It was really inspiring to read about these young achievers we really need to learn from them and take right steps for our future generations.

  8. These children are an inspiration for people young & old, around the world, to take a step forward and use their voice to bring a change in the society for our better future. Amazing post!

  9. Glad to see these young activists joined hands and contributing in the best possible way to save our mother earth, we adults need to learn a lot from these innocent wise souls.

  10. This is a humbling post. Such young souls but they are doing so much to make a better future for everyone and not just themselves. It is indeed thought provoking. Kudos to them. I try and do my bit as best as I can.

  11. It’s amazing to see these small children working for Climate Change. This is the real concern and I hope that adults will get inspired by the young humans.

  12. It is indeed extremely inspiring to read about all these youngsters taking steps and fighting for a better tomorrow. We adults could take a leaf out of their book.

  13. I know Ananya and some of the amazing work she has been doing. It’s so good to see her and other young leaders who are making us aware of the troubled situations we are in.

  14. I have seen Ms. Kamboj, she has been a role model for youngsters and elders alike 🙂
    i believe, the parents have a big role to play in how kids are aware and take initiatives to change the world.
    it is lovely reading about such youngsters.

  15. Though I appreciate young people becoming aware of environment issues but I am against making them activitists at this young age. Kids can be made aware of these issues but we dont neeed to make them activist.. Why do we expect this from them instead why parents of such kids not become activist themselves? In first girls one photo She has misspelled PM Modi’s name and then corrected it. How can one come to an understanding that it is not she but her parents behind this force of being an activist. Today I saw a movie on this topic and how parents often overdo and bully their own kids to make a celeb out of them. Let them be kids please.

  16. These kids are so inspiring. I really hope atleast this will make us take a pause and reflect on our actions. We need to be the change we want to see in the world.

  17. Kudos to these young people for doing sone incredible work to protect our environment… We all should take inspiration from them… We should also tell our kids about them so that they can follow these fine people’s footsteps…. Thanks for the informative post…

  18. It’s great to see these young ones take up the mantle. Reassures me that the planet may just be in better hands in the future than it is today!!

  19. These young activists our teaching us the lessons to live it well & right for our climate & how. Looking at them it feels we are in safe hands.

  20. Lovely to see this. I keep track of such real life heroes… Will gladly add them to my list

  21. One of the best of the posts I read today, Thanks for sharing about them.
    All these kids are inspiration and kudos for their efforts.
    Aarav, licypriya, ananya you are the jewels and ideals for today’s generation.
    #PraGunReads #MyFriendAlexa #blogchatter

  22. These young children have more respect for the environment than most adults combined! Kudos to their efforts to save the environment – we need many more of their kind, of all ages!

  23. I was always this type. I used to take my garbage bag alongwith whether people mock me or not.i am so glad to know these young activitists. Following them for the support. Registered my kiddo too.

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