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Isolate Yourself

When you are sad and aloneIsolate yourselfFrom all those feelingsThat bring you down andTear you apart.When people doubt about youAnd laughIsolate yourself andShield yourselfFrom those foolish mindsThat doesn’t knowAbout your strong heart.When others are jealous of youIsolate yourselfAnd welcome that criticismbecause it will make them more frustratedAnd save you from further harm. Daily word Prompt- …

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Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge 17/09/2021 Life halts Is it that little Unseen monster Who quietly eating up the world Making humans zombies Being afraid of their life Or is it that moment When man shows his power To overpower their brothers and sisters Whatever the reason All locked up themselves Trying …

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Dreaming eyes #poem

Don’t let your eyes stop dreamingDon’t let your dreams disappearGet them tossed with your passionLet dream n passion turned to reality Greet with smile those who are jealousWhy to care what is in their mindCome out from your comfort zoneGo easy with this small stupid world Keep it under wraps, don’t spill the beansIt is …

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