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Compass of my life

“What gives you direction in life?”

Today’s prompt

The compass of my life is set

By dreams and goals that I have met

A guiding light, a shining star

That leads me on, both near and far

It shows the path that I should take

And which decisions to forsake

With every step, I feel its pull

A sense of purpose, never dull

Through winding roads and stormy seas

It keeps me focused, calm and free

And though the journey may be long

My compass keeps me moving strong

So when I’m lost and feeling low

And don’t know which way to go

I trust the compass of my heart

To guide me to a brand new start

Who is the compass your life ??? Whom do you look for if you are in trouble?? This decides a lot how our life would be ?? Agree???…. ask Lifemarbles

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