Life is what you make it

This blog post is for all those who want to make their life worthwhile.

There is question that strikes everyone’s mind when they sit alone – What is life ??? Some think that life is a challenge, for few it is a gift of God. To me , Life is what you make it .

It is in your hand how you shape it. Your tomorrow essentially depends on what you do today. Whether it is winning a bride or battle , fame or fortune , power or position, wealth or worldly goods, success in life depends on proper planning and execution of the plan.

Sometimes it comes to mind what turns and ordinary into extraordinary . May be it is the extra we put into it. Just like champion who puts all he has into his every punch. Thus, the best way to rise above the crowd is to the ordinary with extraordinary enthusiasm.

Put your the wheel on your shoulder and start working hard. Do not waver , do not hesitate. Do not doubt about your abilities, but keep going and going. Carry your attitude in your life in righteous way.

Do not forget, there is no short cut to success and distinction. It is a sweat of your brow , you will earn your bread. You have to talk and look like a winner. Have faith. Nothing is impossible for him that believth.

Take heart , be bold and open a new chapter of your life. Dedicate your energies , imagination , intellect, resources and time towards the realisation of your chosen and worthy goal. One step at a time and that well placed will guarantee your victory.

So ,open your hands to explore the world of opportunities and mould the life the way you want it to be…!!!

Best wishes to all all my readers for the best of their lives !!!

Ms Arora??

(I found this article written in one of my old notebook in year 2002 and thought to share it with you )

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  1. vidhya29

    Indeedd!!! Loved this article dear! It’s beautiful

  2. TheDailySunlight

    Awwee reading this made me so happy. This is so niceee. Thank you so much for putting a smile on my face! I loved it.

  3. That is one good article I have read today brings in so much positivity.

  4. Deepika

    Wow! Beautifully written. While reading this I felt you are a magician of words. I feel the same about life. It’s all in your hands, If you believe you can do otherwise life is life, It will flow in its own direction.

  5. This article is like sunshine, I loved bathing in the luminance. Thank you ?


  6. mommytincture

    This was such a thought provoking post. I could relate with each and every word that you have written. Congratulations for writing a post that outs things in perspective.

  7. dpranita583

    So nice post. Great way of showing good path to everyone.

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