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Hold their hands – A short poem

faceless girl heartily doing exercise in book with pen near playing indian children
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Hold their hands
Empower their thoughts
Give dreams to their eyes
Show them to way to prosperity
Bring them closer to the progress
Bring them closer to the education
Enlightened them for themselves
The change may be small
But small Steps leads to big change !!!

What’s your way to give your share this Diwali to all those children who are struggling to get education or never dare to go closer to their dreams ??? I am indirectly trying to help them in my own way ! Soon will share more here !

This festive season let’s make someone’s life a festival of dreams , love n happiness !!! Check out one more from the weave of my words.

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  1. aditi

    I sincerely hope that people do something for the underprivileged kids and improve their quality of life.

    1. Aurora M

      By guiding them to right way can a way to improve their life.

  2. Madhu Bindra

    A beautiful thought. This festival season we should try to help the underprivileged any way we can. And not just limit to the the festival season.

    1. ghazala786

      Nice thoughts and a Lovely poem , wish we could bring happiness in other’s lives 🙂

  3. Mayuri Nidigallu

    This poem may be short but the message it shares is going to linger for a long time to follow. You’ve said so much through so little. Beautiful thoughts and words.

  4. Harjeet Kaur

    Touching poem…we should start from home and workplace. The people who work for us should be made happy.

    1. Aurora M

      Yes ! Specially those children who are getting education, we can gift some stationary or help them buying their uniform. This would be a one way !

      1. MommyShravmusings

        A short and concise poem but full of depth. I really think every word of your poem carries so much weight.

  5. Mehul Kaku

    Noble thought and words

  6. Ritu

    A beautiful thought. Festivals are the time when the divide between the haves and the have nots is much more evident. Indeed small steps lead to a big change.

    1. Aurora M

      Indeed ! Together we can bring change

  7. Sindhu Vinod Narayan

    Such a lovely thought conveyed. I really hope it reaches many and they get benefited.

    1. Aurora M

      Yes ! A little contribution in right direction can change a more in their life


    Lovely thought. Let’s hope they can get the needful support from people to bring some changes in their lives.

  9. Raghav Dudeja

    Beautiful and optimistic poem. I wish more people thought like that.

  10. Vasumathi

    It is the season to give and share. What better way to brighten a child’s life than by changing it with education. Beautifully penned.

  11. Abha Mondal

    Beautiful words. A little help can change their lives. lovely thought.

  12. Jigna Vora

    Such a pure thought!! Very nicely penned…

  13. nooranandchawla

    A lovely poem capturing your sentiments… So nice of you to think of the underprivileged during the festive season…

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