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10 missing talks with children in a family

Society keeps on  evolving. So is our habits and our lifestyle. In today’s world where the concept of joint family has almost disappeared, most of us living in nuclear families. Both the parents are working so that they get enough money to raise their children and give all the comforts of the life to them.

They always strive for the best education for their children, so they keep on working hard day and night.

During this whole scenario, they are something missing to add some of the skills and making their children away from the real essence of life.

Many of the parents are running a race where they want to make their children the best coder but forget to tell them how to understand the simple coding of life.

We spend time together. But the time we are spending with our children is worth for them? Are we being able to inculcate the values and the habits that would develop them as a good human being? Are we actually telling them who they are and what they have to be, not professionally but as a grown up to be a part of society? Are we giving the real life examples to standard their existence in their own little way ? We still have to work about on it.

Add these topics in your family discussions :

There are so many talks which we are missing in our families. Here are few of them :

  1. Talking about environment
  2. About the history Great men and women of our society
  3. Great scientists add writers
  4. Our culture and tradition
  5. All your stupid stories
  6. Problem solving Tasks
  7. Concept of saving
  8. Compassion and gratitude
  9. It is OK to be Imperfect or fail
  10. Forget and forgive

Would you like add some topic to the list ?

Is there any thing you are missing from the list ?

Share your experience

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  1. Harjeet Kaur

    Yes. Even I wonder why Coding is suddenly so important for kids. You have listed awesome stuff to talk t them about. I would like to add-teach them respect, kindness and empathy or just being human

  2. Jigna

    I love the points you have added for talks with kids. I was planning to write a blog on this too..your blog is very nicely penned down, I will take a few pointers 🙂

  3. ghazala786

    Agree with you , there are plenty of things to discuss with kids , real life experiences which will teach them many lessons 🙂
    I talk everything with my kids
    My childhood , my friends , my failures also and how to deal such things .


    Completely agree with you. Yes, these days parents are not talking about such real experiences which are same important as ‘coding’. You’ve listed some important pointers here.

  5. MommyShravmusings

    I totally agree with all your points and in fact at my house, we do have a daily family time,where we talk everrything under the sun except studies.

  6. aditi

    I agree with you. Children today can learn to code with much ease than to understand basic life lessons. Crazy but their emotional gravity is indeed centred around something that’s not good for the environment.

  7. rootsandwingsbysmita

    Loved the post. Totally agree with your thoughts. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Vasumathi

    Simple things that many forget to imbibe in their kids, like you rightly said. Some other things that we could talk to kids are importance of money management, social work, dignity of labour etc

  9. Sindhu Vinod Narayan

    Absolutely loved the list of topics curated. Parents often forget to get to the base of relationship that’s proper communication concentrating on the rat race

  10. Madhu Bindra

    You are absolutely right. Everyone is too busy today. And parents want children to try everything. Nothing wrong with that but they need to taught important life lessons too.

  11. Ritu

    So true. Coding is the latest craze, but it reminds me how Hotmail had set off a similar one decades back. You have listed some important pointers. I am sure parents would find the post useful.

  12. Abha Singh

    You covered all important things that we can teach our kids. Our goal should be to make them a good human being.

  13. Satabdi

    I think #6 and #7 are especially imp. All other things can be eventually taught but giving children practical living skills is imp.

  14. Mehul Kaku

    Having a child at home, I can relate. These are good topics to add in discussion.

  15. rgvdudeja

    Brilliant tips. Just one suggestion. Instead of saving, ask them to learn about investing. Indians are savers by nature, investing is something that gets us nervous.

  16. pamela

    I could not agree more with you , there are plenty of things to discuss with kids to grow their mental balance and help them to grow in these environments. Real life experiences are very important which will teach them many lessons for their future.

  17. Pooja Jha

    I do agree with you and we talk about all these topics in our family and our favorite topic is- Our Cultue and Tradition. I just love the way my little explorers keen listening and questioning ability on this topic.

    1. Noor Anand Chawla

      This is a subject many of us neglect to ponder upon. Nicely highlighted by you.

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