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Diwali shopping – Why should you begin early ?

You must be thinking that this girl is crazy as there is a lot more time to Diwali and she has  already started working upon her list. Isn’t it  too early OR she is a shopping freak ?

No  Guys ! I am not a shopping freak but there are few reasons because of which I have started with it and suggest you to do the same . Here are the fews reasons listed below

Why should you plan Diwali well before ?

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It avoids last-minute confusion.

Diwali is the festival when we get connected with our family , friends and relatives.  There are lots of things to do starting from cooking to decorations. So, it is better to start now. Keep your to do list ready. Include all the tasks from changing curtains to cleaning cupboards or buying some jewellery.

You get enough time to search the products.

During Diwali , markets get flooded with lots of products. It would be difficult for you to search the proper product you want to buy and hence you will end up with wrong choice. Now , it is a right time to search about the things you want to buy and actually to find out your real need. ( sometimes we buy things which we do not need afterwards )

You get better quality

As shopkeepers take out their old stock during Diwali and we run short of time , we don’t get a good quality product .  Last year I remember how I got fooled during the festive season. I bought a wooden table a week before Diwali and later on found it was infested with termites .

It will get you the things more cheaper.

Diwali is day when people are ready to spend and the market is ready to get maximum benefit from you. The price get doubled and you get trapped in the lust of free products or  buy one get one and end up with paying more . The early you buy , the more you can save.

There is a lot of good varieties  to choose from.

If you planning to buy some electronic item or mobile , now is a time to do good research. The wise choice is that you decide with product, compare with others and save it in your shopping list.  Now , you are safe as you will buy the best product of the market that too with best Diwali offer.

You can get the gifts customised

Plan for the gifts you want to give and try to give a personal touch to it. There are lots of options available online and offline both. It can be a customised diary , a calender or Diwali gift baskets.

It gives you a mental relaxation.

You are ready with all your to do lists , things you want to buy , all research work and comparisons , decided with the gifts. You will find your peace of mind and can enjoy the festival in real essence.

You can give more time to your family , friends and relatives.

All done ! So visit your friends , family and relatives. Spend the best time with them and have fun. That is what the festivals are meant for.


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  1. Misha Bagga

    That’s something very important. Thankfully for sharing ??

  2. richa mina

    Very valid points. nice post.

  3. Prerna Wahi

    Now that’s something I never thought of. Makes so much sense. Will plan in advance this year. Thanks for the pointers!

  4. Anita

    And we avoid shopping queues too! 🙂
    Happy Diwali shopping in advance!

  5. flyhiee official

    Awesome post with advice .
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post .

    1. msarora

      Thank you so much for reading and your wishes ?
      Wishing you too A very happy Diwali !

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