To weather the storm of life – Forgive

Acceptance of others negative trades and forgiveness of anger and contempt directed ourselves is endangered and nurtured in the faith that all circumstances are carved by the creator.

The seeds of joy sprout and flower in the verdant foliage of such  forgiving hearts.

Here is a little poem perfectly describing the seasons of life and how to live a way So that flowers of happiness bloom in it.

Seasons come and seasons go,

Periods thus change little one !

So also ,seasonal changes occur

In man till life is done.

Sometimes the intense heat of anger burns all

Then the icy winds of indifference prevail

When the buds of love and compassion sprout

Then  season of spring spreads veil.

The green springs of joyous life spring forth 

As  the showers of love fall unabated

But floods of temper ravage the heart

Leaving all desolate unsaturated

 Remember, these seasons but come and go

So  also most life passed away

He who treats all as gifts from the Lord

Will find eternal joy today !

Is it really easy for you to forgive or you struggle with yourself remain disturb keeping the grudge in your heart and mind? At the level of 1 to 5 , how will you rate yourself in the scale of forgiveness. Do give reason for your rating. (1 is for very easily you forgive while 5 means very difficult for you to forgive! )

Post – 1 ‘This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla in collaboration.’

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  1. Such beautifully penned poem. I agree relations are like seasons, with different emotions and if you can convert your negative emotion to positive you have become emotionally intelligent. I rate my self between 2 to 3 but still lots of improvement is needed

  2. I rate myself to 3 when it comes to forgiveness the only reason is caz I need to soak in the matter completely before I can let go by forgiving. Nice write up enjoyed the poem

  3. Love the thought behind this. With age, I have learnt to be more forgiving as the only one who hurts holding a grudge is you.

  4. Easier said than done. And we often carry the weight instead of learning to forgive. I am a typical Scorpio and would rate myself a 3.5.

  5. such an amazing poem it is. Loved the way you depicted the anger, pain and agony within this poem. I was in pain, disturbed but after reading your poem I find the peace in me.

    • Loved reading this poem that brings in similarities between seasons on how. It changes so does humanity on forgiving. As human we make mistakes but we also learn to forgive which makes us even more respectful.

  6. I absolutely agree with every thought you shared. Vengeance or holding grudges is like slow poison.It easts up the body and mind slowly.Where is the need to keep poison inside, isn’t it.

  7. To err is human, to forgive divine. We’d be one among the Gods if we could forgive easily. And yet it’s so important for your own peace of mind. Lovely poetry.

  8. I’d rate myself a 3.5 out of 5, because with some people, I struggle a lot to forgive. More than that thought, I struggle to forget things people have done, even after I’m back on good terms with them!

  9. A lovely poem. People don’t realize that anger does more harm than good. We hold on to things that the other person has probably even forgotten.

  10. A beautiful poem! Very nicely compared the changes in life as changes in season and that ultimately it’s forgiveness for self and others that will give you peace.

  11. Forgiveness should be inculcated in kids while their upbringing. I think, this add on quality of a man will make him humble and down to earth. Your post has pinned a point in heart to think over to check the level of quality in us.

  12. Lovely poem and portrays the importance of forgiveness. On a scale of 1-5 , i would rate myself 4 because I understand we are here to learn and re learn

  13. Such wonderful thoughts. Forgiving and moving along is a part of life. The more we hold on to anger, the more we hurt ourselves.

  14. Beautifully penned! Forgiving others is definitely easier than forgiving oneself. I would probably give myself a 4. It’s probably because like many people, I too hold myself at impossibly high standards – it makes failing or making mistakes a non-option. It’s not a trait to be proud of but is also extremely tough to deal with.

  15. I loved this line the most “Sometimes the intense heat of anger burns all”. I can forgive easily if it’s for me, rating will be -1. But, when It comes to my loved ones, I can’t forgive easily so rating -4.

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