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Slow down to speed up your growth

We are unnecessarily running towards the things that we actually don’t need or require to grow in our life. But still we want to acquire!!!

We let so many thoughts enter in our mind that create a chaos and fill our mind with the trash. We don’t need them.

Still, we feed them so that they hinders our personal and spiritual growth !!!

We cannot get our desired results or achieve our goal if this trash is in our mind. We have to let our mind.

Slow down to pick up the things which are relevant. We need not to run in the rat race where everybody is running behind the numbers, the followers.

Nothing last long in this virtual world. The happiness is momentary.

So let’s tell your mind to slow down in this rat race so that you be yourself not a copy of someone.

Slow down in this world of likes comments.

Appreciate, enjoy, surrender what comes in your path.

Control your breath.

Slow down your thoughts to actually enjoy the real essence of life

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  1. J.S. Pailly

    There is this pressure to always do more, do it better, and do it faster, no matter what it is. Even when I’m trying to relax, I feel like I should relax harder, or something. Not a good mindset.

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