Bless me with that wealth – says Veda

Oh God keep away from me

That wealth which bring about my fall

And result in my defame

Which entangles me from all sides

And Withers me  like a parasitic plant

That Withers away my supporting tree

All supreme Lord of wealth

Thy hands are golden

Bless me with that wealth

Which gives peace and joy…!!!

from-Atharav Veda 7.115. 2

What is that wealth for if a person can’t sleep at night ? The wealth that is so luring that a person falls in all kind of wrong practices !!!

There are people who are so powerful and rich , yet shivers in cold night without the blanket of happiness. Having all the physical efforts doesn’t mean you are happy !

Let’s today pray to Lord to give the wealth to live my life comfortably without a comparison with others , so that I enjoy the peace and joy of your gift of life.

Amen 🙏

Start the day with positive thoughts, continue and sleep them with too.

Let’s gather the knowledge to live life purposefully with holy scriptures like Vedas and many others. You can read more of such words in this post.

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  1. I agree totally with you. The precious wealth of life is health and loved ones.I have lost my husband and my young son and I would give all the wealth in this world to have them back. But it isn’t possible, is it?

  2. The luxury to sleep peacefully, enjoy little pleasures of life and be able to live freely is the biggest wealth. May God bless us all with them!

  3. “What is that wealth for if a person can’t sleep at night ?” The need for money to survive is undeniable but I completely agree with asking the Supreme for strength and courage to be happy with little and live a simple, frugal life. Nothing is more important than peace of mind.

  4. I completely agree. Let’s pray for the wealth of knowledge, love and kindness. Humanity, humbleness this is the real wealth. Richness does not mean to be rich in money that only creates sleepness nights. Let’s be rich in love and kindness and a beautiful heart.

  5. Whatever you’ve written is so true. You might be a millionaire but that doesn’t guarantee that you lead a happy peaceful life. Enjoying small joys and sleeping peacefully is much more than gathering wealth.

  6. Finding happiness within is more important than looking for happiness in materialistic things. Having a peaceful sleep and being with your loved ones is all that matters.

  7. So true. Material wealth does not always bring pace and joy. We should pray for wealth of family and love. That is more important.

  8. The truest wealth is being good and not hurting others- I am happy I can go to bed at night knowing that I have done my best without harming anyone- this is true wealth to me!

  9. Wealth cannot buy happiness. We have to seek happiness from small things in life. This Vedic concept is so true.

    • True ! But it is not always like that. Sometimes we have no choice, so have to find our way to get our peace of mind.
      Thank you for reading

  10. This has been my Dad’s motto always and one which I have imbibed from him. Wealth, especially ones by unfair means, always brings with it it stress and other ailments. He who is happy and at peace is the wealthiest of all!

  11. I could agree more with you. Let’s pray for the wealth of knowledge, love and gratitude. Humanity, humbleness as these are the real wealth. Earning money without humanity never give happiness in life for sure. Let’s enjoy this beautiful life.

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