You are currently viewing Doodling- an outlet channel of thoughts and emotions.

Doodling- an outlet channel of thoughts and emotions.

So guys, How about doing some doodling today on your mindful journal ! ( Before you try your hand on it, let me ask you if you have done this activity mentioned in the last in your journal or comment section ? If not just do it, it’s really worth to priortize your liabilities and abilities ) Even Google loves Doodle….

Yes, I know everyone of you must be having their own kind of doodle. My favourite is small flowers or some geometrical patterns. My doodle Circular flowers with rounded petalsΒ  is the most positive flower doodles. The more circular a flower is, the more amicable the drawer is. So you can know a little about a person through a kind of doodle he does.

You can check the meaning of your doodle in article written by Matt Ellis. It can be anything Eg flower with circles, arrows, flying insects , human faces etc

Usually we do it when we getting bored. (In meetings or in classroom …hahaha . When do you doodle by the way πŸ˜‰)

Doodling- an outlet channel of thoughts and emotions.Doodling let your unwanted emotions out on a paper. So take out your journal or a notebook And try a doodle. #BlogchatterA2Z @blogchatterShare your doodle ! Creative souls of… Share on X

Doodling Prompts for Your writing Journal :

  • Draw yourself as an angel/ Monster or a superman or super woman
  • Create a masquerade for yourself
  • Things related to your childhood memories
  • Doodle a crazy outfit for yourself
  • Doodle Me…..πŸ˜‰
  • Doodle your favorite word

In the video below you will get some cute frame ideas and dividers in your journal. Try some. These are easy and eye catching. You can show your kids as it will help in their project work too. Once you start doing , they follow. Atleast better than watching unnecessary videos on YouTube!

The next pic is made by my niece who is just 7 years old. She has made this figure by watching a tutorial on YouTube without the help of anyone. She loves doodling too.

What kind of doodling you do ? Do share with me on your favorite social media and get connected !

Happy Journaling !

Love you all…..πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

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