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Enjoy your Best mood booster lists

Few days back I was reading a tweet where somebody asked why listening English song and speaking English is considered a status symbol, cultured and valued high ? It was so beautifully replied- You listen and speak English but jab dil tootte ga toh galib or Jagjit ki nikalega ( If your heart is broken, poetry of Galib or listen the Gazals of Jagjit Singh will come out from your heart only ).

The idea is you can better relate to the words spoken for your mood. This is what I call it Mood boosters Playlists. 

Prompt for today for Your Mindful journal

1. Create your Playlist of songs according to your Mood.
• Sad
• Party poppers
• Love songs

2. Playback lists
• Comics you have read being a child
• Your favorite cartoons as a child
• Love songs being a teenager or when you were college

3. YouTube channels
4. Your favorite Bands
5. Favorite shopping spots
6. Series/ Daily soaps/ Reality shows you love to watch.

Feel free to create your own kind of Playlist in your journal

Resources of the day :

As you will write you will see the change in your mood. You will relive every moment again specially when you doing playback Playlist.  Moreover this activity will train your mind to track various emotions too.

Here are some more ideas :

Which would you be choosing this month??? Do share with me. Mine would be 90s songs !!!

Happy Journaling !

Love you all…..💞💞💞

This April I am participating in BlogchatterA2Z writing campaign.

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