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F say FLY – First Love Yourself

Before you start reading this series on Mindful journaling,  Try giving answer to this question-

Can you pour water into someone’s else glass from your empty glass ?

Your answer will surely be No ! Then how can you love someone if you don’t know how to love yourself, praise yourself and pamper yourself !!!

Today’s Prompt is going to be all related to Self love and FLY….!!! So check these Prompts and resources to add your OWN page in your journal.  Excited ….!!!! Here it goes

Prompts for Your Self Care page in Your Mindful journal –

1. A list of questions for self discovery challenge by bumble and bustle.

source – bumble and bustle

2. Some more creative ways to take care of your self and to track them are here. Check out to get inspiration. You are not less than a Queen or a King.

check more on Our mindful life

3. Pick up a day of rest in your pyjamas. Here goes your day like this.

Inspired by – beautiful dawn

4. Track your self care routine which includes mind, body , soul and heart or your physical workout. Source by – Angela

Are you feeling inspired with these journaling ideas ? Share in comment section.

Happy Journaling !

Love you all…..💞💞💞

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  1. Poonam

    I came to know about self love in recent years during a course in counselling and I found out its so difficult to love self. Because we never gave a thought about it or done it.
    Now I make sure I take out time for myself to keep me calm and carry on with this life.

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