Meet the Artist of the month-Shreya

“A true artist is not one who is inspired but one who inspires others” I am glad to introduce you an artist who bring the life on the canvas through her paint and paint brushes. Last time I had a series named Friday Feature in which I featured various talented bloggers and this time there will be artists, writers and some enthusiastic teachers in my series.

Artist of the month- Shreya

Shreya is a Founder of Art group called ANYBODY CAN DRAW on Facebook. She encourages all types of  art and artists inside all of us. She is adept at many types of art like 1. Chevron 2. Coffee Painting 3. Cartoon Drawing 4. Geometric Art 5. Madhubani 6. Kalamkari 7. Mandala8. Silhoutte 9. Warli Art 10. Mixed Media 11. Decoupage 12. Reverse Decoupage 13. Reverse Mandala 14. Quilling 15. Glass Painting 16. Reverse Glass Painting 17. Newspaper Quilling 18. Paper Folding Recycling art 19. Craft on egg tray, tissue paper roll, paper cups, plastic bottles.

Her work, interviews, awards, and workshops done can be viewed here -

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She also promote sustainable art plus she has done 250+ art workshops with recyclable materials, and recently, she has launched her HAPPINESS PROGRAM called BE HAPPY-YOU DESERVE IT ,a program to enhance well-being and happiness among employees. She has also a volunteer in various environmental organisation which organises beach clean ups and tree planting. Her principle in life is -Do Good to others unconditionally and without expectations. She believes If your work is good, nature will definitely reward you.

Dear Shreya, our hearts are filled not only with gratitude but with immense respect for all that she has accomplished. Her tireless efforts in nurturing a society with a positive outlook are nothing short of inspiring. The path you have paved, marked by your trailblazing initiatives, has led to a remarkable shift in the community that is nothing short of extraordinary.

We have no doubt that Shreya will continue to inspire and enact change wherever her journey takes her, making a considerable impact on many more lives to come. Lets encourage her with your valuable feedback in comment section.

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