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Choose people cautiously to stay stress free and motivated

Have a bigger vision while following people or making friends. People whom you follow have great impact on your life and thoughts. So, choose people wisely.

They can help you to grow physically,  mentally,  emotionally and financially. At the same they can pull down with no reason.
Don’t judge people around you by how they look like or behave, judge their vibes. Feel the vibes. Vibes never lie.

There are many times in your life when you follow wrong people and fall into their trap. You must have experienced this atleast once in your lifetime.

There are people like me who are unable to judge the real person hiding behind their masked face. In the intention, not to hurt anyone, I speak politely with them. But they take it in another way. Stay firm with your words to make them what you want. Still you feel , they aren’t your kind , better move on.

Be good to everyone but don’t open all your cards infront of them. Make the realise you are soft , good at heart but not a fool.
I have seen very few people who are actually feel the vibes and true nature of a person within few minutes !!! Are you the one of this kind or like me ???

Anyways,  my personal opinion is take time to understand the people and then follow them.
Remember, A crow will lead you to an empty barn, a parrot to sugar.

This is important at workplace too where we spent lots of time. It stands true even when you work from home where we have online meetings, emails , phone calls etc. Get connected with your kind of people who can uplift you.

People send signals about their thoughts all the time, says Miner, but it can take practice to tune in. “When the messages you receive say that the person isn’t on the same page, these are clues that are telling you to step back and redirect,” as written by Stephanie Vozza for FastCompany.

Have you ever encountered the situation where the vibes were totally different what the person was pretending? How did you come to know and tackled it ? Share in comment box.

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  1. Sandhya Bhattaram

    You have rightly said vibes don’t lie. An interesting read.Thanks for sharing!

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