Thoughts that you need to challenge

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Human mind is too complex to understand. The more deep you dive into, more are the chances to get lost. The thoughts keep crawling every new second with speed faster than light. Some of them tear you apart like a bullet passing through you.

Some of these them are so annoying that you can’t live your life , the way you want to be. Such line of thinking need to be tamed.

This isn’t that difficult as you think. By awareness and challenging your thoughts, you can easily overcome this vicious cycle of unwanted and useless thoughts.

Remember, such intrusive thoughts and overthinking won’t take you anywhere. So, stop keeping dead dog in your mind. Think about your passion, your future plan and start working on it.

It may be a small step, may be the result aren’t as good as you expected. That doesn’t mean to stop….Keep learning new things and keep going !!!

because Zindagi milegi na dobara ( You get life once !)

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  1. J.S. Pailly

    I’ve recently started keeping a list of things that are more or less settled, in my head. Things like “Yes, I am a writer” and “Yes, I do think I can earn a living as a writer.” It’s sort of a reminder to myself that I’ve already questioned myself enough about these things, and I keep reaching the same conclusions.

    1. Aurora M

      I think by sending positive affirmations to our mind ,we can bring it back from all the negative and perform better.
      This way we can condition our mind.

    1. Aurora M

      Thanks Sandhya. I am glad you liked it

  2. Mayuri6

    So true and so simply stated. Change your thoughts to change your life.

    1. Aurora M

      Yes ! I have tried myself and its proven true.

  3. bournemouthgirl

    This is a really helpful post, that helps you to change your life. Thank you for reading and commenting.

    1. Aurora M

      That’s what most of us looking for – changing the life towards betterment and satisfaction.

  4. utahan15

    three percent stand alone right cerebral hemisphere

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