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A day to introduce  a new blogger and its blog to grow the community of bloggers.

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I opened this idea on Twitter yesterday and got a wonderful response. All those who nominated themselves have their own unique kind of blog. It was really difficult for me to whom to feature. Finally I have  come to the decision.

And the winner for




An Intro to her blog:

A blog encouraging women who have lost confidence after a career break.

Why does she blog ? :

Because removing the obstacle of fear from women is her rant!

My Visit to her blog :

I like her ideas of self expression  and how important is the Emotional Quotient.  Some quotes under in the post – Letters to  My Daughter . She writes about Self awareness, motivational and inspirational posts. She has her tube channel too. A blog having a lot to learn and inspire.

Watch the video to know more about her.


Do visit her blog and follow her on your favourite social media.


A big thank to all who participated.
Keep blogging and growing your blog.

   Lets make our community grow ?

P. S. – Follow me on Twitter for more updates. Good luck for next FRIDAY FEATURE.


47 thoughts on “FIRST FRIDAY FEATURE”

    1. Hey great to know I’m not the only one having trouble adulting lol… life is so different when you’re 23 & out college. Btw, your blogs seem soo interesting on life & would love to follow you, but there is no follow button. Great set up of your theme too!!
      If you don’t mind, when you ever have time, I would appreciate feedback on my posts too ?. Thanks in advance lol

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    1. Like your quotes! Pretty cool about life. Challenges are key to life. Keep writing! Great poetry.
      If you have time, can you please give some feedback to me as well? Thanks ?

      1. I’m just seeing this! Idk why that’s been happening, I noticed that myself the other day. Currently working on it being fixed but I would recommend just going straight to and it’s displayed right under the featured post on the home page 🙂 thank you so much!! ?

    1. Just visited your blog. Nice and interesting content.
      One suggestion- do link social icons with your Social Profiles like twitter etc. Good luck and welcome to the community .

  4. Not sure if my blog set with a follow button??although it must be i guess because 31 amazingly wonderful people are following me… and iv no idea what ping back is although im set up gor it i never hear a ping.. ? but im new to it so il hopefully learn the ropes sooner than latet?

    1. You have a follow button on your blog.
      Ping back is a kind of message you get when someone reblog or link your post on their blog.
      Welcome to the blogging community.

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