Friend-a six letter word or a promise???


PicsArt_09-20-08.06.35.jpgSometimes I feel how the people pretend to be good friends but when it comes to extending a hand of help, they become so competitive and try to run away from situations. Suddenly they behave as If you are no one to them. They stand with you till their purpose is solved. Once they are in a their comfort zone, they will not be with you no matter how many times you make a request

If you have said a friend to someone, behave like a friend not as a competitor. Your friend’s success is equally important as yours

Friend is not a six letter word , it carries  a promise that you are always ready to be there no matter what the situation is.

There are many people who come across in our life, we spend good time with them, enjoy and share our happiness and sorrows but all of them can not be considered as friends.You may feel crumbled if you consider these accqaintances as your friends.


A friend has a deeper meaning. No matter they are far apart from you and seldom you talk to them yet they are concerned for you. There are few who can understand your feelings and your true self. There are few so they are precious even more than a treasure!!!

Don’t consider everyone you meet as a friend otherwise you will feel hurt.  The moment you label them as a friend you expect much more and if they don’t come up to your level you get disturbed or feel broken.

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  1. Mitesh Jain

    Friends are an outcome of the relationship you develop. Beautiful thought. 🙂

    1. msarora

      Completely agree with you !

  2. Jeni G.J

    Such a lovely post.. without friends life is never gonna be fulfilled. It’s a promise to be there for each other.?

    1. msarora

      Thank you Jeni…life become easy with good friends.

  3. aparna_097

    Loved this line – friend is not a six letter word, but a promise

    1. msarora

      Thank you Aparna….a friendship has a deep meaning that includes a promise and faith too

  4. ivors20

    Yes, I agree, and good true friends are hard to come by.

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