My first attempt to write Haiku-Leaf


Bright green  after rain

Looks beautiful full of life

Nature inspires me


Any suggestions or comments about my first attempt on this kind of poetry????

Image source:Google

Via Daily prompt: leaf

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  1. Grabbety Covens

    Yeah!! That’s great! It’s a fun style to write. I hope you write more…I need to write one myself…I better get started. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. msarora

      Yes, it is ! And thanks for liking.I was bit nervous about it but I hope it has come out well ???

      1. Grabbety Covens

        Well, I think it’s fantastic. Great work! My first one, in many, many years was here on WordPress, too. I’ve written quite a few since. ?

        1. msarora

          Yes…I have read few of yours too and liked too !!!

          1. Grabbety Covens

            Thank you. I appreciate that…

          2. msarora


  2. soiba

    Lovely poetry!

    1. msarora

      Thank you Soiba ???

  3. ivors20

    An excellent Haiku, well done.

    1. msarora

      Thank you Ivors

    1. msarora

      Thanks for appreciation….??

    1. msarora

      Thanks a lot for reading and appreciation ?

  4. Anita

    Nature inspires me too!
    Happy Diwali 🙂

    1. msarora

      Thank you Anita and same to you?

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