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How to find genuine online websites to avoid fraud

Are you planning to try a new website to shop think twice before you do that. These days for 24 hours the mobile phone is in our hands and we are tend to scroll the screen many times of the day and check many online shopping websites too.

Whether you are searching for something you know on Google or you’re trying to find out the meaning of any word, will come across many ads.

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Even when you are going through Instagram or Facebook feed or any other website, you’ll see lots of ads. You feel like shopping all the things as they look so cheaper compared to the well known websites like Amazon Flipkart etc.

Try new websites but at the same time you have to keep these points in your mind . Some websites can be a trap where the customers can fall into as a prey and loosw their money.

Check out these parameters so that you find a genuine online shopping website to buy the product –

  • Check the description of the product.
  • Checkout the contact number or customer support.
  • Check out their return policy.
  • Try to find out the reviews given by the other customers and the ratings of the products 9n their websites.
  • Search the Google and find out the reviews of the website. Find out whether it is genuine or not.
  • Check out there location in details.
  • Take a look at their Social media pages ie. Instagram or Twitter accounts

After you find all these things and there is no issue in any of these points, I still suggest you to start with the minimum amount and preferably cash on delivery. Recently I came across a website which was being found by my friend. He suggested me to buy a few things as it was very cheap. Later when I Google I found the website was a fraud.

At the same time we came across a website Jaipur fabric, the products were really nice and there were offers also. I checked out all the parameters and found the website genuine. I bought 2 bed sheets which were delivered on time and having good quality. You can see they have all contact numbers for customers.

I was happy with my purchase online at the same time I saved my  money by not investing into the wrong  websites. Some of these new websites are really doing well.

Even the coupons cash back and offers, make sure you read out all the details. I’ll share my experience with you. Once I was being attracted to buy a product with 30% cash back on a well known website.

The offer was appealing. Do I ordered a bedside table thinking that I’ll get 30% cash back. I got 30% cashback but it was to be redeemed on the next purchase off rupees 3500. Now think about, if you are not interested to buy a next product on the same website, your cash back is useless.

I hope you find this article useful for your next purchase online .Do share with others so that your hard earned money be used in the right way.

Be digital smart customer.

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  1. ghazala786

    Many fraud sites are there and we need to be careful before placing an order , better ask someone like on facebook groups we can enquire about credibility of that site.
    Not to shop something expensive when doing for first time.

    1. Aurora M

      Exactly! You are absolutely right.

  2. Cindy D'Silva

    Yeah many new websites are coming up but I normally make do with whatever is on Amazon. Very rarely do I buy stuff from elsewhere.

    1. Aurora M

      I think Amazon is reliable and have very easy return policy. That’s why most people buy from it.

  3. Madhu Bindra

    I completely agree with you about cash on delivery for the new websites. You never know when your credit card information lands up in the wrong hands. Thanks for sharing these tips. They are very useful.

    1. Aurora M

      Yes Madhu ji..this kind of fraud has happened with someone I know.
      Glad that you find it helpful 🙂

  4. Mayuri6

    For someone like me who only shops online, this post is an eye opener. Glad you wrote it and shared. I have shopped from Jaipur Fabrics too and they did come across as genuine.

    1. rootsandwingsbysmita

      Very informative post I must say and is an eye opener that we should be very careful as many fraud sites are there. Thanks for sharing this post.

  5. memoryflies

    Yes, I also did the same background checks for any websites. Due to ad service we see ads every social media.

  6. Vasumathi

    I usually opt for cash on delivery – even from Amazon. Despite that and all the checks you mentioned I really like a product from a new site and got conned. The prod never arrived. I have also found that checking for reviews on 3rd party sites like Quora or Reddit helps as they will have all kinds of users writing in. On the company website, the reviews are controlled by the company itself and they may not publish negative reviews.


    Yeah, we always need to be very careful when shopping through any new website. This post is really a good one to keep us cautious about this.

  8. aditi

    I prefer Cash on delivery if the website is new. This is quite a relevant article in the time of Online shopping.

  9. rgvdudeja

    Very relevant post in current times. These sites will lure you with some discounts that’ll only be applicable if you pay online. That’s another sign to watch out for!

  10. shail

    I shop a lot online and I am very very careful before trying out new websites I specially check out the reviews on Google and the return policy. Your article is very useful for new online purchasers.

  11. DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter

    Extremely useful post! One is always worried about standalone shopping sites and their credibility. Thank you for writing this one!

  12. Satabdi

    Good tips to detect phishing websites! It’s especially dangerous when hackers make sophisticated-looking fake websites for banks.

  13. Ritu

    These are great pointers. I take the Google reviews and the social media presence with a pinch of salt. They can be bought. What I do trust are honest reviews from bloggers I trust. One can never be too careful.

  14. pamela

    Very informative and insightful post. Checking e commerce site is important as these days they are many and most of them are not genuine too.

  15. Mehul Kaku

    With booming internet, we have so many phishing sites as well. These are useful tips.

  16. Abha Mondal

    Yes that are some useful pointers when it comes to online shopping. One should be very careful while doing online shopping.

  17. Pooja Jha

    I am happy that you wrote on this topic, Online Shopping is the need of the hour and it has inceased in last couple of years. We do check all these parameters before making a new purchase.

  18. Harjeet Kaur

    Very informative post.I know many will find it very useful. I know of few friends who have been duped.

    1. Aurora M

      Thanks ! Even I never thought of it.

  19. Bhawna Shah

    You have pointed out good points through which we can cross-check the website’s genuineness.These days we need to be more careful while buying anything from website.

  20. HappyMomLifestyle

    I am definitely referring back to your page next time I shop online

  21. nooranandchawla

    Good tips – fortunately I shy away from shopping from any websites other than those that I am already familiar with!

    1. Aurora M

      That’s a smart choice

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