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Suta – Buy online sarees weaved with love #VocalForLocal Part – 2

The season of festival is spreading its colours in our life. This time shades may be different but the zeal and enthusiasm is same. We are getting ourselves ready to dip into this festivities. Indian festivals means more of traditional Indian attire. What else can be defined better than the SAREE ( specifically this time online sarees). In this post I am going to talk about online sarees by SUTA.

A brand which stands outs not only for its remarkable sarees but also because their every saree has a story. A story which will surely win your heart. A saree which speaks out your soul !!!!

Watch the official story of SUTA

The story of SUTA –

A dream of two passionate girls, Suta is the coming together of heartfelt love for sarees, a fondness for simple elegance and immense reverence towards makers, weavers and artisans. Suta (सूत) literally means ‘thread’ which woven together with dreams of many and finally turning it into a saree. True to the name, every product is crafted consciously with utmost love for every single thread. Suta also stands for Su and Ta, Su for Sujata and Ta for Taniya.

 The story of Su and Ta started way before they became Suta. From playing shop-shop with cousins and pretending to be entrepreneurs, running around their grandmother’s soft sarees drying in her garden to spreading that love to thousands of Suta Queens, the journey of these two sisters is endearing. The stories behind each product, the sarees, the authentic origins, the sustainable ethos and the ‘dipped in love’ feel is what sets Suta apart.

Vocal For local – online Sarees (proudly MADE IN INDIA )

Sustainability, Reviving traditional arts and crafts and affinity to authenticity are the pillars behind their work. From different states , they bring their art and work together on one platform. Not only reviving the dying art and culture of our country, they are bringing it back to the younger generation. With this venture , they are helping many in different parts of country for their livelihood and supporting women. It is indeed a an appreciable step towards Vocal for local or Atmanirbhar bharat ( आत्मनिर्भर भारत )

When everyone runs behind a good job after being engineer or a highly paid MNC job , they left their jobs to provide jobs to many. They represent the voices and dreams of others. Believe me, as I said when you buy and support such businesses, you are actually contributing to the dreams of someone. Bringing the smile of many face…and giving someone a chance to have a good feast for a day. !

Suta family has grown over the years and now has 1500 weavers and artisans together and we are growing bigger and closer.

Check out their amazing collection of online sarees here.

When a saree speaks your story – Let yourself express

Their Instagram page speaks about the society through their sarees. It represents the life , emotions, connections, compassion, love through the sarees. Let yourself be yourself. Live your life and enjoy every moment. Don’t worry about what people will say to you . If you know that you are at right path, go on. Make sure the seed of humanity keep growing with every step of yours ! The story of Suta is sets an example of growing together with love ♥️♥️

Products available online other than Sarees :

  • Sarees,
  • Blouses,
  • Baby Wear,
  • Jackets,
  • Bags,
  • Face Masks,
  • Underskirts,
  • Lehengas, Scarves and shawls etc

Other than sarees they deal with these products to add a spark to your wardrobe. Mix and match to display your style this Karwachauth, Diwali, New year or your next anniversary. Buy it or Gift it to someone you love.

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How can you connect yourself with your Saree love !! Share your story with me !!!

This is part of my new blog series- Vocal for local.

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