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Live for Yourself,Not for Society

Why do we need society ?

Live for yourself, not for Society, Why should we not always follow society

Human beings are social animals and their survival is not possible without it.We all are dependent on each other for many small and big needs. It is a web of many chains which are interlinked at many places. Missing a one chain can disturb the whole web or can create chaos.

How do society help us ?

We get up in the morning and look for newspaper. Think about the whole process of making of paper i.e. making of paper from trees , its processing , getting the news from all over the world, editing , printing and the people involved in all these work. Missing one link from and you can’t enjoy reading it with your cup of tea or coffee in the morning.

Is society is my responsibility ?

There are so many activities , works, assignments where we are depend on other people for the completion of our task. We all depend upon society and people who comprises society. Hence ,it is our resposibity to take care of our society in which we are living and the people who comprising the society.

Am I supposed to follow all the norms of society ?

The answer varies from person to person and society to society.  Since we are living in a society and it is our resposibility, doesn’t mean that you have to follow all the rules of society. As an individual you have a right to live the kind of life you want to live.

Sometimes social pressure make you feel suffocated and depressed. That time it is really neccessary to hear the voice of your heart. Rules are good till they give positive output and not kill your individuality.

Life quotes, live for yourself and not society

Live for yourself, not for society

Do what you want to do , live the way you want to live, you don’t need anyone’s permission. Live your life at your norms. Break the rules. The only thing you have to remember that your decision should not affect others life adversely

  • Look for your comfort : Just because my friend’s children are studying in a reputed school of the town doesn’t mean you are also forced to get your children admitted in that same school. Look the needs of your kids and your comfort in all aspects.
  • Make your own choices  : Don’t worry about what people will say. Make your own choices in life. You do not want to get married – fine ! You want get married at 50 – Okay! Finally it is your decision and you are happy with your decision.
  • Wear what makes you happy : Give a damn look to those who comment on what you are wearing.  They are not supposed to decide for you. Wear what make you comfortable and confident .
  • Proudly show your identity : Wheither you are black or white, transgender or gay or person with special need , there is  no harm showing your true identity. Show what you are and society has to accept you as you are.
  • Live the way you want to live : You want to live in a small house or a big house , alone , in joint family or in a nuclear family , with kids or far away in countryside – live the way you want to live.
  • Eat what you want to eat – On one has a right to put restrictions on your liking. Do not stop yourself enjoying the food since you belong to a particular kind of community or people around you don’t like.

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P. S. You may agree or may not agree with my views , It hardly matters as we all are different individuals and so our thoughts. I  respect your thoughts and your decisions as a member of the society .

Looking forward to read your introspection .

Ms Arora 

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  1. Misha Bagga

    Totally agree with u. Such an instant dose of confidence and happiness altogether. Keep Glittering,… Love TGA by Misha ???

    1. msarora

      Thank you Misha !!!

  2. Not caring about what other people think of you is what I find the hardest to do!

  3. J.S. Pailly

    I do my best to live my life the way I want to, but I still have that little worry in the back of my head: what will other people think. I guess we all have that to some extent.

  4. Paolo B.

    Live for yourself, simple yet impactful advice. Not so easy to do sometimes but trying to I think helps with being happy and understanding yourself. Good read, thanks!

    1. msarora

      I should try to find the reasons for happiness in our life. Thanks for reading and appreciation.

  5. richamina

    very thought inspiring post, I live my life on my own terms and hope that many women who still bind themselves in chains of norms and society should break free too. #superbloggerchallenge2018 #instacuppa

    1. msarora

      I liked your positive attitude towards life…keep it up

  6. Abhisek Nayak

    You are absolutely right. There is only one life of ours and we should not live it under the pressure of our so called society.

    1. msarora

      Rightly said Abhishek , we must find the positive ways to get relief from this unnecessary pressure

  7. ywwp

    i generally think of how we may contribute to the society… and in return it will make the world beautiful.. i created my blog that attempts to solve commonly known problems…

    1. msarora

      This is a great idea. I live to know more about it.

  8. aritrarelivingdreams

    A dose of positivity n confidence. I needed this today, wasn’t feeling good. Thanks dear.

    1. msarora

      That’s great ! Have a wonderful day ahead???

  9. Palak

    U r d best mam as always. We r lucky to HV u mam u always motivate ur students.

    1. msarora

      Thank you Palak. These words means a lot for me??

  10. Prabh

    Really wonderful! Gives a new direction to oneself
    Keep it up!!

    1. msarora

      Thank you dear for reading and appreciating.

  11. Kshitiz Vatsa

    This is really good content mam. After a quite difficult phase in my life, one of the elders in my family said and I quote, “You live for others. That’s how you get along life.”
    After reading your post, my views have changed. I liked the quote about how rules are no good if they alter our individuality or affect it in a negative way.
    And now I think that as much as we will be socially dependent because of our inherent nature that you talked about, the more we connect with our true self, the better life gets.

  12. A difficult path to walk.We are a part of society.So what we think and do makes up social rules.I believe in listening to my own tune but keep stuff balanced.Very introspective post.

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  14. Diving Cyprus

    I hope that you won’t stop writing such interesting articles. I’m waiting for more of your content. It’s so good that i’m going follow you!

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