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Go Vocal for Local – A way to new self-reliant India

Year 2020 will be known in the future as a year of pandemic which has put the whole world under the lockdown . The beauty of life and the smile both has been masked. Covid 19 has put  a huge impact on the economy of every country. When the world leaders were busy making the policies to strengthen the economic conditions during this pandemic, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi started a new wave wrapped in the emotions and feelings of patriotism – VOCAL FOR LOCAL to strengthen the economy of our country.

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It includes two things

  • To buy the products which are made in India specially products made in local market.
  • To promote these products through various social media and by the word of mouth.

The promotions of these products are not to be limited to the country rather it has to bring the products to the global market. Hence bringing the Indians closer to the country even if they are living abroad

With More than 100 Crore people and two hundred crore hands with super intelligent minds, can’t be produced what we need? It was this thought that inspired me to throw a lime light on this thought.

vocal for local pledge
An appreciation certificate – MY FIRST MOVE TOWARDS VOCAL FOR LOCAL

The first move being a responsible citizen of this country was to take a pledge. A step towards the goal of  Atamnirbhar Bharat or Self-reliant India. I took this pledge that I will buy and promote only Indian products. you can also do this on the government website and get this certificate. Though a strong feelings to make our India self reliant , one does not need any certificate. This is just a way to show an appreciation and motivation towards your decision. You can take the pledge following this link and inspire others by sharing this link too.



This thought, VOCAL FOR LOCAL, takes me back to 1905 relating to Swadeshi Movement when people of India made the khadi win over the foreign brands proving that everything is achievable once India decides .

What includes in vocal for local

  • Everything which is make in India .
  • It includes various products available in the local market.
  • All the Indian brands.
  • All the Indian artists and craftsman.
  • Indian handmade products like handloom etc.

Benefits / positives of this motion

support local business, local brands
  • It would support local craftsman and labour.
  • It would increase the demand of locally made goods.
  • There will be less migration of people from state to state for employment.
  • It would increase the feeling of belongingness to our country and create a sense of community.
  • There will be increase of demand in other countries where the Indians are living.
  • It also cuts the cost of transport.
  • It helps the environment to eg shipping etc.

you can read out top 7 benefits of local sourcing here.

Responses to vocal for local

One call and how creatively and smartly the approach has been incorporated to carry out in different ways. Go vocal for local has been shouted in a number of ways. It includes advertisements by various brands, articles in newspaper, posters, slogan , logos etc. here are the few creative ways that has shown interest in this call.

The Hindu Business line writes in its article – Amul, the Taste of India’. “ We need not to shout ‘Made in India’ over the top of our voices. It’s a compilation of everything. 

Over 30 years ago, they would have bought a foreign brand because the (Indian) brands weren’t there at that time. Along with that, there was a concern of trust on the local bands as far as the manufacturing is concerned. Now, there are a lot of national food brands, and they have developed over the years.

We have attained global competitiveness over the last two decades in many new fields such as software development, pharmaceuticals and engineering products

Rohini Somanathan is Professor, Delhi School of Economics, expresses her views about being vocal on the right local and  shows her worries to attain this goal. The some of the answers come to her way through National educational policy 2020 where coding at the early age is being emphasized. The other step comes forward as an opportunity to Indian skilled and intelligent minds by our Defence Minister.Tthe announcement of import embargo on 101 products like artillery guns, light combat helicopters, assault rifles, corvettes, radars, armored fighting vehicles (AFV), transport aircraft.

quote on voval for local, small enterpreneurs

This is great initiative and we have to be supportive in this cause . Remember , you are not supporting a party or any person in particular, but you are supporting your country. You are making someone dream come true.

According to our surveys conducted by, 

As of April this year, 64% of manufacturers indicate they are “likely to extremely likely” to reshore in future

72 percent of industrial/B2B buyers “always or generally” prefer to source locally

In comparison, just 10.8 percent of respondents “always or generally” prefer to source globally

In fact, nearly half of buyers (46.7 percent) actually “rarely or never” prefer to source globally at all

Thus , supporting local will be a good move for our economy. Though some of the  required steps are still need to be considered. This includes right information to be reached to the local artists. New schemes and guidance should be easily available to the small entrepreneurs. The profit should go directly to the concerned person. More appreciation and recognition cards need to be introduce. Ministry of textile has recently announced special awards for in arts, handloom etc.

This is great initiative and we have to be supportive in this cause and make the dream of these sharp minds by buying their products and  being vocal for these locals. Here is my next series after the success of Friday feature Series 2019 – Go Vocal about Local. I will be sharing some fantastic stories behind the curtain of local brands , artists and craftsman. Do not forget to follow or subscribe my blog to be a part of this new adventure.

This blog post is written for Speakeasy Blogging Challenge 2.0 hosted by Ruchi and Dipika. Thank You for giving opportunity to get connected with roots .

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  1. Metamorphosis

    Very well written post. Congratulations for your contribution towards vocal for local. I agree with you that when we support small business you are supporting a dream. Very well said.

  2. DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter

    Vocal for Local is such an important feature to boost our economy. I am glad that more and more influencers like you are writing about it. Great post!

  3. Gurjeet Chhabra

    We should support vocal for local concept , it not only boost our economy but also boost Indian manufacture and businessman. We have so much good brands why to buy from abroad.

  4. sadvika kylash

    Beautifully written. You have told the importance for vocalforlocal.. We all should get together in this and make it sucessfull!

  5. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    I also believe that buying local helps a lot in improving our country s economy. This is a really good initiative and you had explained all aspects of this so well in this post.

  6. Sivaranjini Anandan

    Excellent let us be indian and buy only indian products. Never knew such certificate existed. Thanks for the info

  7. Pragnya

    Good one. The e-Certificate is quite encouraging, wasn’t aware of it. Glad to read the article.

  8. My Words My Wisdom

    Small business suffer a lot due to lack of funds for marketing and advertisement. But if all the citizens focus on buying local than its not just good for exonomy but for environment too.

  9. MeenalSonal Mathur

    I do support #vocalforlocal and strongly believe that we can make a huge difference by being in this campaign

  10. Upasna

    Thanks for sharing this as I wasn’t aware. I will take the pledge too as I totally support local buy. #speakeasywithruchindips

  11. Disha

    Going local is a great way forward to support our economy. And it’s a big moral boaster for small scale home based enterprises.

  12. Sweta

    In this time of covid, we have seen major ups and downs and your post about vocal for local makes a lot of difference. It’s like targeting on the bulls eye. Lovely post. Me

  13. Amritha Srinath

    It’s indeed commendable that you have not only taken the first step towards towards supporting the ‘Vocal for Local’ initiative by the Government by taking the pledge but also educating all your readers through the wonderful write-up and visuals is worth appreciation.

  14. Pr@Gun

    Great post and appreciate your contribution. Vocal for local is a great initiative to promote local goods, labors, shopkeepers, artisans, and produce.A very well written post highlighting the importance of Vocal for Local. I fully support it made local and make in Bharat.

  15. Ishieta Chopra

    This is an excellent initative! While we have all believed in supporting local, and perhaps, each of us in our own small ways have also contributed to it – but this is very good to see that going local is something which is now growing into this big movement with lots of people getting involved, supporting and practicing this.

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