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The life is masked

As smiles are masked

All I can the see the eyes

Bewildered thoughts 

And flustered minds

Agony of the human race

Cringing of depressed face

The fear of getting trapped

In the clutches of silent whizz

And the time getting scrapped

The uncertainty of the future

And the helpless ,wise watcher !

The life is masked and hope is what keeps us alive and making us fight to come out this difficult situation. A hope that soon a solution will come and we will get back to normal. Once again we will breathe in fresh air and sit together, laugh together.

Once again the classroom will be filled with noises and the blackboard will be full of chalk lines. Playground will be happy to see those little feet on them rolling the football. The flowers will bloom with the smile of those little gardeners.

Once again, you will sit in cafe holding her hand and eyes will speak your heart ! Music will be in the air…..once again the life will smile and this mask will disappear!!

Life will be back to normal…mask will be a story…..a story better to forget with a lesson #lifemarbles Share on X

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