KYAARI- A Calender made with PLANTABLE paper by 21fools


Sometimes the fools can do wonders which the learned people can’t do. Fools are not actually not fools rather they are the people who do whatever they want to do without thinking about the results. They are more concentrated on their work . They work day and night to give shape to their thoughts. Hence called Fools.

Remember, people were  called Fools because they said our Earth is sphere not flat. They died but their thought was proved true years later after their death.

I  believe that these so called Fools have a talent to bring a change in the society who still struggling for its identity and its safe future.

Let me introduce you 21 FOOLS  who too have tried something new which is unique in its own  kind for our better future on this beautiful planet Earth.


When many of us were  busy in looking at skyscrapers  and  depleting our forests and cultivated land , they were thinking the ways to sprinkle the Green Love with new innovative ideas and making the Earth more greener in their unique way.

KYAARI – A Calender made with special kind of paper embedded with 12 different kinds of seeds of different plants, one in each. A silent  life waiting to flutter in the air.



UNIQUE PLANTABLE SEED PAPER embedded with cotton plant seed which can be grown into new plant.  This paper is being used to make calender and bookmarks too.

This is biodegradable and environmental friendly where you will happy  feel while using it, even happier when throwing it. It contains seeds of different plants which will keep you happy and motivated all the time. They will make you feel proud for creating a bond you and the nature itself. It’s the nature because they which our survival has been possible.


It’s a time self evaluation and  think about your contribution towards a better world.

KYAARI bookmark

Imagine  a bookmark containing a seed of a plant which can give birth to a new life while dying itself in a soil.

I  must congratulate them for the project undertaken by them on Republic Day 2017 for  the soldiers who leave their families for us.A THANK YOU PROJECT 2016 where they sent boxes to around 20000 contributors with a seed paper in the boxes.


Every year we take a lots of resolutions for our life. This is a perfect time to think about and take a step towards our better future where this blue planet be full of greenery. There is a need for following 3Rs in its best possible way.




YEAR 2018 – Let’s be a part of this initiative  and bring a positive impact on the society, people and our Planet Earth.

Let’s gift something which has life in it and a step toward GREEN INDIA. Don’t wait for others. Start moving and people will follow you.


Let’s be foolish this year

Who cares if someone calls me fool

Fools have power to change the world

There were many hurdles on the way

People laughed and created troubles

We succeeded,rocked n they swirled

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Photo credits: 21 fools, Google

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