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Are you a good teacher ?

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Do you like your teacher ?

I am sure if your answers is yes , you must be liking her/his subject too. There must be be lot of effortless learning in the class of your this favorite teacher.

I believe if your students like you , they will be more eager to hear what you say . Hence learning process is bit easier and effort less. If the students don’t like the a particular teacher they try to run away from that subject. This must have happened with atleast once in your lifetime. Do share that incident when you suddenly developed a bent towards the subject because you liked the that particular teacher.

Sometimes even a good teacher fails to teach the students because the students don’t like the teacher. No matter how qualified he/ she is. I remember one of my teacher from school. He was gold medalists and having a good command on his subject. Unfortunately he had no teaching skills. He used to solve the equations in no minutes but we as students were unable to understand. Or I can say the way he used the methodology to explain us was so boring that I never developed a liking for that subject.

Traits of a Good Teacher :

To be a good teacher , I feel one has to follow these traits ( feel free to add more from your side in comment section , I love to read for myself and grow as a teacher)

  • develop the relationship with students.
  • Not boast about his knowledge but come to the level of students.
  • Make sure that children like him/her.
  • Sometimes have fun with students.
  • Make them comfortable to ask question.
  • Keep your lessons interactive.
  • Must speak impressively.
  • No Blank Face Plzzzz 😐

These are just a few. The list is quite long when we talk about a teacher. Specially these days when a teacher has to lot of efforts to make sure the learning happens in online class.

Which teacher do you like the most in your school n college and why ??? Let’s hear some interesting stories

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  1. Tina Sequeira

    A relatable post, and I completely agree. #MyFriendAlexa #TinaReads

  2. Tina Basu

    This is such an important post. Developing a comforting relation and bond with students is so important.

  3. Metamorphosis

    I am a teacher myself and I feel blessed that my students love me and even after I quit my job they contact me and take my advise on various subjects. I agree with the pointers you have mentioned..I try my best to incorporate all of them.

  4. Matheikal

    As a teacher myself, I find myself agreeing with you.

    1. Harjeet Kaur

      The list you have shared is absolutely perfect..a teacher has to be all that.I was a teacher just for a couple of years and that to at a spoken english institute. My students ranged from kids to men and women in their 50’s. I guess I did do something right as most of them still keep in touch with me.

  5. Dipali Bhasin

    It is necessary for a teacher to foster a relationship of respect and love with her students. There has to be a certain sense of comfort between the two so that the child is receptive to what she speaks and he can go to her anytime for the clarification of doubts. Love all the points you have mentioned.

  6. soniadogra

    I’ve had some amazing teachers in my life. Been a teacher myself. Could relate to the post completely.

  7. Mommy's Magazine

    Many successful people have said that their teacher was a turning point in their life.Well said.

  8. Ritu

    I could relate to your post. I was a teacher early in my career and it is as difficult as it is rewarding.

  9. Ruchi

    Developing a comfort zone with the studenrs and making your lessons interesting is the key

  10. Sivaranjini Anandan

    Well, nice article dear. May be I good teacher. 😉😂That was an educated guess. Understanding the environment and situations of students helps to make communication better with students.

  11. pareshgodhwani

    You are so right. I agree with you on all the point and it makes realise that I miss almoat all the points of being a good teacher.

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