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Umeedo Ka Inderdhaush- A rainbow of hope( Book Review)

When all the hope seems lost, there is a faint light that says, “Wait a minute, I am still shining,” to encourage you. Who knows, someone nearby might be able to pour a bit more oil to the lamp, causing it to burn with a higher, brighter flame and removing all the darkness!!

This is what I can say about Umeedo ka Inderdanush ie Rainbow of hopes – A book for a reason !

About the book:

With 100 poems by 100 different poets that each provide a message to combat cancer, the book is filled with lovely, uplifting hues of hope dedicated to Cancer warriors.

The poems are written in Hindi and English. Every word in each poem has its origin from heart of the poet. You can get connected from the beginning of first poem and it continues till end.

Not only Cancer warriors can widen their life’s funnel by following Monica’s example in “hope leads to the winds of change” ,also those who are passing through the difficult phase of life.

Even it will surely pass the baton of inspiration to everyone in their daily life struggles.

Another words ” तू योद्धा है, युद्ध कर ” by Nalini Mathur trains them to be ready for their battle with cancer. A poem by Meenu Arora, which encourages them to triumph their struggle by using their wings of hope, is written with similar thoughts.

” दे पंख तू अपने
इस हौंसले की उड़ान को
और हिम्मत से सजा
अपने अन्दर के इंसान को,

जीत हासिल होगी तुझे
इतना तो मुझे विश्वास है
क्यूंकि, उम्मीद और हिम्मत का गहना
तेरे दिल के पास है”

These are only few excerpts from the book. This book contains the hidden treasure of optimism and hope.

Authors :

100 Poets and writers along with me as Co-author have contributed our poems in this anthology. Meet few authors here.

Compilers :

Dr. Indu Bansal, Ekta Sehgal and Ila Pachauri. The anthology is the brain child of Motherhood club . The book is being published under the banner of Rahi Publications by Shri Sushil Bharti ji.

A cause behind this initiative :

The book is full of hope . All the proceeds collected by this book shall be used for a cancer patients treatment. When I asked Ekta ji about how she came up with the idea for this book, she said-

“In 2015, for the first time I went to an oncology  department where chemotherapy and radiation was been given. I saw many patients and care givers loosing hope and giving up on the treatment . I was also there with my patient. Saw her loose hope , but as a family all we did was to give her hope. She finally gave up. That day I had made up my mind, I shall create awareness and shall do something for Cancer warriors.Through Motherhood Club we created awareness sessions with the help of Dr Indu Bansal , raised funds from friends and our members, and then we decided to create hope through our inner thoughts in the form of a poetry book.

I am glad to be a part of this great initiative (as it is my first anthology) and express my gratitude to Ekta ji , Indu ji and Ila ji for giving me this opportunity to be a part of this great cause and including my words as a poem in this anthology.

Congratulations to the team for coming up with this idea and spreading cheer to all those who had lost their hope. This rainbow of hope has much to give to all.

A must buy to contribute to the society through reading. You can buy it on Amazon too.

Looking forward to have your contribution. Fill this enquiry form if have any questions.

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