Hot Questions on Social Media 2021 – What’s your pick ?

This Year has been a great learning for content creators and Social media managers.

Many have become influencers and others have become bloggers.

Reels have been a successful entry on Instagram. Clubhouse is still to try for many.

So, what’s your pick from above questions on social media ???

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla in collaboration with Mojobox .

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  1. My instagram id got hacked so this year was painful regarding insta for me. The writing detailed part on reels I was about to do… But now…

    1. Aurora M

      Oh !!! That’s so sad. We build audience and create content with full heart. And starting again is a big challenge.
      How did you come to know about this?

  2. Satabdi

    The question on online likes seems worth exploring!

    1. ghazala786

      True that works on social media is increasing , we need to explore and learn new skills to upgrade our knowledge and earnings both 🙂

    2. Aurora M

      Off course!!! The whole social media undergone a change

  3. MommyShravmusings

    Last question about online likes seems worth pondering, as a blogger and podcaster, all I want at the end of the day is to reach more audience with my content. That metric is indirectly linked to getting more likes isn’t it?

    1. Aurora M

      Yes , views are usually more than likes. For likes , we need to have some magic or to be different from others or…. sometimes by luck and certain stupid things 😃😉 to be viral…

  4. Madhu Bindra

    Interesting questions. Boosting engagement on any platform is important, comments being the most important one. I tried reels this year and it has helped.

  5. aditi

    Agree, social media is the new way of life and your questions are quite relevant. To me, Instagram reels are the flavour of the season, would like to explore them for my blog post.

  6. Ritu

    The last question seems a popular option and it is the same for me too. We all work hard to reach the right audience, some niches need more extra work than others.

    1. Aurora M

      Believe me , you never know which work gets place in Google algorithm.

  7. Raghav Dudeja

    I don’t understand the world of reels. So that’s what I wanted to explore. It would be interesting to see if there’s a trend between everything that goes viral.

    1. Aurora M

      You must ! But what I have observed that the world insta reels are totally different. I am still in experimenting phase of it.

  8. Abha Mondal

    Using tools and app for social media is what is more interesting for me. I would like to work more on this. If your content quality is good then everything else you do not need to worry about. Apps and tools help to enhance quality.

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