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The secret of plants in the environment – Book Review

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Genre: Nonfiction

Length: 204 pages

Publisher: Notion Press

About the book :

Plants are sessile organisms that are unable to move but face the challenge of ever changing or adverse environments. The study of the development of environmental changes in tolerant plants is fundamental for the maintenance and streamlining of high crop yields and plant adaptation in natural environments.

The identification of genes that lead to changes or stress tolerance is urgently needed for the growth and development of plants in their natural environment. The Secret of Plants in the Environment addresses environmental concerns such as the different types of stress situations and plant adaptation to changing environments, including the positive and negative effects of stress on the growth of crops, the beginning stages of plant life cycles, and plant output.

  • This book seeks to discuss the impact of environmental changes or stress on plant life, environmental stress physiology, and adaptation mechanisms.
  • It highlights the impact of environmental stresses on plants and crops under changing environments and gives a comprehensive overview of how plants respond to such environments.
  • It also dwells on some important aspects of environmental change or stress as the main issue affecting the survival of plants at the early stages of their life cycle.

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Know more about the Author :

Rishikesh Upadhyay is a multi-award winning Indian author, lecturer and research writer. He loves learning and teaching to expand his horizons and ideas. Currently, he’s teaching Stress Biology and Biochemistry at a local government college affiliated to Assam University, India.

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The author has beautifully connected the every existence of plants to the human world. The way we respond , plants too respond but in different manner. They too get stress which affect their growth and Metabolism. One such example of this is mentioned in the book is of chuimui (छुई-मुई ) i.e. Mimosa pudica.

The book has lots of scientific information and evidences which will give you deep understanding of the plant word. Effects of light , electric and magnetic field is being discussed in detail.

You can skip few parts of the book if you find it difficult to understand the scientific processes, terms and techniques. The other option is to look in Google if it interests you.

The book would interest you more if you are having basic knowledge of Botany and plant physiology.

I wish him very best for his book. I recommend this book to all those who want to expand their knowledge about plants and add their contribution towards environment.

Adding another interesting book here if you like reading food technology and read my review about the book.

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  1. ghazala786

    Quire an interesting topic , challenges faced by plant species .
    We never think that way.

  2. rootsandwingsbysmita

    Such an informative and interesting review. I never thought that way. Would like to read the book for sure.

    1. Aurora M

      True ! Plants too feel and respond

    2. Harjeet Kaur

      What a book to review.Loved it.i love gardening and I even used to sing to my plants.Wonderful review of a unique book.

  3. aditi

    The book seems to be interesting, your article is its first impression for me. I would like to explore about the feelings in the plants.

  4. There were many things in here which I had never heard, which sparked my interest in reading this book. I copy pasted the link as it was not clickable from here and placed my order…

  5. MommyShravmusings

    Quite an interesting and thought provoking topic. Never thought that we can convert these points into a book too. Your review is captivating and will add this book to my TBR list

  6. Ritu

    A lovely review. The book reminds me of The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben that is an excellent read. I will check this one out too.

  7. Vasumathi

    Seems to be a very different and interesting read than what I usually pick. Definitely will be insightful for people looking more on plant life.

  8. Madhu Bindra

    It looks like an interesting book. There is so much about nature that we don’t know about. Thank you for sharing the review.

  9. Satabdi

    I tried to read this book but I found it too technical. A solid understanding of Botany is required to make sense of the contents.

  10. Abha Singh

    I also tried reading this book but found it interesting for person who already had some botany background. Your review is great.

  11. Raghav Dudeja

    That’s an interesting take on plants. Now I am wondering if the food we eat has something to do with stress level of crops.

  12. nooranandchawla

    This seems an important subject we can learn from… Thanks for the review!

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