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Understand how to identify different types of people

Human beings are social animals,that, they can’t survive without society. The society comprises people around us. Since morning till night, from Monday to Sunday, years after years we meet lot of people. The people with different outlook or  the way they thought… yes , the Different types of people having different personalities to confuse you!

The people around me and you are almost similar in many charactersitics or we can say that they have same kind of personality.


Personality, types of people in society,  different people  around you

According to the dictionary , 

It is a combination of characterstics or qualities that form individual’s distinctive character.

Some of these traits are inherited and some are accquired through the kind of enviornment they are living in.Personality defines what kind of person you are.


You can’t deny the fact that people around us have lot of impact on us as it is rightly said


The most difficult things can be achieved easily if you are surrounded with people having positive attitude. This become worse to worst if you can’t understand the basic nature or personality of a person you are living with. So, it is important to identify such different kinds of personalities or people around you if you want to live your life on your terms and conditions. 

Person, Personality, types of people in society,  different people  around you


let’s see the faces of some personalities who keep revolving around most of us. Some of you may have encountered while few of these you may meet soon in future.


Personality, Personality
Take it easy

These are the people whose personality does not change as per situation. They react towards all the situation in a same manner always. Their basic traits remain same and are emotionally strong. They don’t take things to the heart and remain calm. Take it easy ,dear is their attitude towards life.


These are the people who always seek oppourtunity in each and every situation. They have an ability to change the things according to their need. They know how to crack the situation for their benefit. You may or may not be knowing what they are planning for you .


giphy.gif, Personality, types of people in society,  different people  around you

This category is for those who have low esteem. They lack confidence and depend on others for decision making. They are emotionally weak and can’t control their emotions. Hence, get easily influenced by the people around them. They are easy prey for others.


Personality, types of people in society,  different people  around you

These are the most difficult to understand. They know how to hide the emotions and feelings behind the face. They can also be called as FLAT FACED as they carry same expressions throught the day. NO SMILES NO WORRIES. They do not get easily attached with other and have few friends. They are always in their own world.


Emotional fools personality, Personality, types of people in society,  different people  around you

These are the ones who are always ready to help. They can’t see others in trouble. They are ready to extend their helping hands despite of knowing the fact that this can lead them to trouble. Such people , many a times, lose their money because the other person know that he/she will not say no to me when he/she see me in trouble. They easily fall in love and later cry.

These are few different types of people  to mention here. There may be many more waiting for you and me. Just now I am thinking in which category do I fall in.!!

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Have you ever encountered with any such kind of person in your life ? How did you deal with that situation ?

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  1. Surbhi Prapanna

    I always love to read these kind of articles that analyse human nature and personality trait. and you had this info in very good manner with great pictures. enjoyed reading it #Superbloggerchallenge2018

    1. msarora

      Thanks Surbhi, I tried to put my observation in words. Human nature is really difficult to understand.
      Thanks again for appreciation.

  2. richamina

    you’ve explained it in a very simplified and understandable way. I can easily categorize myself after reading the blog. #superbloggerchallenge2018

    1. msarora

      Thanks Richa , I am happy that I have expressed my observations in proper way.

  3. Emotional fools I have encountered many. They are the ones who give away their heart, cry at the drop of a hat and then write poetry.

    Some people are easy going outward but have a lot of problems and issues inside their heart

    I am not sure I fall into any one category. A bit of many or according to the day. I am trying to lean towards being emotionally strong, but it is an Uphill task


    1. msarora

      Hahaha; writing a poetry with a broken heart , matlab ki Shayar….?? ho jana.

  4. vartikasdiary

    haha, I immensely enjoyed reading the post. I see myself as a blend of all the traits at times, depending upon the situation. #Superbloggerchallenge #Instacuppa

    1. msarora

      It is good have a combination of all the traits rather than being one type of personality. Isn’t it ??? ?

      1. vartikasdiary

        Sometimes yes…it depends on the situation and the person whom u r dealing with. Wat say? ?

        1. msarora

          Excatly..we have to change the approach depending on the person we are dealing with.

  5. zainab

    What a lovely post. I that I’m an emotional person. Maybe a fool to ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. msarora

      Hahaha… yes, sometimes moving with emotions is good but at times get ourselves into trouble too.

  6. Shipra Trivedi

    Your post me smile a lot. I feel I have traits of each of these types. And basically, I am an emotional person who often gets trapped in the words of the people.

    1. msarora

      Then ,we find difficult to come out of it. Isn’t it???

  7. jaya1966

    Nice round up of the different kinds of people one can meet in life. I enjoyed your summing up. Nice article. #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

    1. msarora

      Thanks Jay , just a few , still lot more to meet ?

  8. Mann

    My expression remain hmmmmm….same in many situations… That is ‘cool’ but I never think ‘Take it easy’. I am like a worker bee… Busy all the time doing all the duties and if things don’t turn up as I expect…i don’t panic rather work more. May be this is life’s teachings influencing my nature!!!

    1. msarora

      I have seen your effort through out these weeks in Superbloggerchallenge2018.
      Keep doing good work.
      Good luck

  9. Hi Ms.Arora! What a an enjoyable and relatable article! Loved the simplicity in style and the accompanying fun images…It felt like I were reading a Buzzfeed post. Bang on and I wanted to read more because I was enjoying it just as much ..Great job. ๐Ÿ™‚ Please read my Week 6 post for #Superbloggerchallenge2018 here:

    1. msarora

      Wow ! Your comment has made my day.??. Thanks for reading.
      Read your post and comment there

  10. Dr.Amrita Basu

    Thats an insightful article.It reminded me of a personality test I had taken.Personality is unique and complex that it defies clsssification but you have done a great job .#SuperBloggerChallenge2018

    1. msarora

      Thanks Amrita, defining a personality is really difficult as there are lot of aspects of personality of a person. I have written my observations in the society.

  11. aritrarelivingdreams

    I believe writing is all about observation. It’s great to read urs n I agree with them. Was trying to figure out my category
    #superbloggerchallenge2018 #instacuppa

  12. Nicely written. I liked the Gifys ๐Ÿ™‚ There are total 16 personality types in Myersโ€“Briggs Type Indicator. When you get time please go ahead and read through you will have fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #InstaCuppa

    1. msarora

      Would love to read… thanks for appreciation ??

  13. kirakiratsu

    I really like articles on psychological topics, especially those which are simple and easy to understand, such as yours. Really enjoyed reading it!

    1. msarora

      Thank you dear ? I try to make simple and easy. It means I am going in a right direction.

  14. Ja'd Kurumi

    I really enjoyed reading this post because it’s now easy to point out as to what kind of personality someone has based off their character. It’s very hard for me to pinpoint what personality I have but I would say I am the outgoing personality crossed with masked personality because I can hide my emotions and feelings very easily.

    1. msarora

      Exactly! There is so much to learn from your surroundings.

  15. Peter Adewumi

    You’ve given the topic a good treat! Well done!

  16. Haha, all my teenage life was emotional fools time! (Myself included…)
    But it’s so true, we get influenced a lot by people around us! I can start the day motivated and positive, meet someone who’s grumpy, and it seems to suck away all that energy… But also the other way around.

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