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Life is a festival. Festival where we as a human being play with different colors of emotions.
Emotions like love, anger, sympathy, empathy, sadness appear like a ripple in water and disappear giving a way to new one. One needs to identify these emotions.
Emotions once identified, can be tamed.
Tamed emotions are like pet who follows your instructions and behave in an acceptable way. Way to happiness starts from here only. Only you are responsible for your happiness. Happiness can easily be created by following this path.
Path leading to eternal peace and happiness is in under our own control.
Control those unwanted and useless thoughts leading to depressing emotions and be the winner, a super master of your life !

Did you notice something special or different in the above paragraph? If not, read again once more!!

How this paragraph is different :

If you read the paragraph carefully, you will find every new line starts with a same words with which the previous line is ending. A paragraph is having a flow and meaning too. I wrote this small creative piece during an insta/Facebook challenge. Though I didn’t win( Everytime we don’t win, sometimes it is more learning), yet I enjoyed and worth sharing with you.

The writing challenge was organized by BTB – Beyond the Box , an page run by an Author and writer Anupma Dalmia.

Creative writing challenge,  my friend Alexa challenge
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As I mentioned in my previous post , there are end number of ways to give creative wings to your writing. For this , you have to read and get connected with like minded people MeπŸ˜‰πŸ€©. So don’t stop yourself following such am amazing writer and blogger like me !!!

Follow me, creative writing challenge

I challenge You :

Since , I know you must have impressed with me and followed me. ( I prefer to say , must have get connected with me by following my blog). I am going to throw this challenge to you !!! Write a story, a poem , a paragraph or anything!

Creative writing challenge,  my friend alexa

If you liked the idea, please do write and give due credit to this creative being ( offcourse, I am talking about myself ). Appreciation in all ways is welcomed . Know how to do this in different ways by clicking here . Waiting for your reply…Love You Dear Readers !!!

Keep Writing, Keep Reading….keep SMILING

“This October I am taking my blog to next level with Blogchatter’s My Friend Alexa challenge” . You can check out my previous year’s My friend alexa posts here !

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  1. Yes I follow you and I love your writing style. I am not really good with writing stories but following you might wake up story teller in me too. It was fun reading your post.

  2. Nice and a pretty interesting style to pen down that paragraph. Definitely worth giving a try. Usually I get criticism when I write something like that. Will pakka try. Keep the wonderful way going.

    #MyFriendAlexa #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  3. Wow! thats such a wonderful way to write a poem, you are indeed super creative. I am not much into wiriting poems, but i love reading them and this was great work for sure!

  4. That was something new and creative. Creative writing at it’s best. Best entry will win is not always necessary. Necessary is to keep writing. Writing creatively and making it interesting. Interesting post I must say!
    Challenge Accepted!! How was my attempt πŸ™‚

  5. Creative writing is fun and challenging at the same time. I liked how you maintained the flow while managing to form meaningful sentences!

  6. Hey,this is quite creative and something new to learn. Same words but giving different ,eanings to sentences. I will definitely try this out soon.

  7. I had heard about this contest before but never participated. Loved your write up and tips. Indeed inspiring.

  8. Yours is a well-done and interesting take on the challenge. I’m a bit confused about the challenge you have given to us readers- do we need to do the same thing i.e. use the same word to end the sentence and star a new one? Or is it a creative challenge in any way we choose?

    • Hi Noor, thanks for reading. You can choose any topic . The only thing to start the new line with the same word which the end word of previous word.
      Someone has beautifully commented on my this post in this same way !!!

  9. That was an amazing take to the challenge. Challenging it can be to follow the word flow. Flow is possible when you stop thinking and start writing. Writing does give you wings.

    Ha! That was fun πŸ˜€

  10. That was quite a challenge you entered. Entering unknown territories can be confusing, but also revealing. Revealing the writer hidden in you can expose your emotions.Emotions are what make us better humans!

    Ok, this was really a very tough challenge!!

  11. It’s very important for a writer to get their creative juices flowing. And you have done quite a good job here :).

  12. You know that was pretty awesome – the way you phrased your sentences to start the next one with the last word. Like an antakshri of words! πŸ™‚

    Wings on our writing can take them across the sky to new lands. I guess one should always challenge oneself to explore new areas in our passion too.

  13. Good writing comes from a lot of reading, understanding and also thinking which is challenging and one can learn practise and grow in their skills.

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