Right way to appreciate the content or blog post

It has been few months since I am blogging and I have learnt few things or rules which I think are worth for sharing. Everyday we come across so many posts which are capable of inspiring many of us and touch our hearts or good enough to feel connected. Sometimes we also get surprised that how this fellow can put my thoughts in a same way as I want to….

Offcourse, you can’t stop yourself appreciating  his/her efforts. You all are well aware of the ways of doing these. You can like, comment,reblog on your website or share on different platforms.

There is one more way of doing so. If you feel inspired by a post and you can write a post on your blog having a same idea or same topic with a mention of that post and adding a link to it.

e.g Inspired by: blog name or blog post

The other way is to mention the blog post or blog name in your post and link it with the same .

Even when  you reblog,you can add your own thoughts with the post to be reblogged.

All these ways give a right kind of appreciation and motivation to the the writer who put lots of hard work and spend hours to write that piece of art as writing is an art of putting the thoughts into words.They read their posts again and again and do the proof reading.

Please don’t copy the content from someone’s blog post without giving the weightage to the one who deserves it.They have their emotions attached to it. Moreover,sooner or later the person will come to know about it.

Ask before doing so as all wordpress themes have Contact Page where you can directly contact with the author.

Whether copyright banner is on the website or not , make sure you don’t KILL someone’s creativity and hurt the sentiments of someone.

I have written this post because this happened to me recently and I was really disappointed and sad for this action. I am not sure if it is done knowingly or unknowingly( I hope it has happened unknowingly) and I can’t connect as the person is not having contact page nor the comment box.

I was in delimma to write the post or not regarding this. Later I thought It would be helpful for those who are new or unaware about infringement or copyright. For more information you can visit this post to know what to do in case of infringement

P.S.- I had no wrong intentions in my heart. I am sorry if I have hurt the sentiments of anyone.

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  1. ivors20

    Well done, and good article, especially for new and inexperienced writers and bloggers, haha, I’m an old writer, but a relatively new blogger….

    1. msarora

      Thanks Ivors, actually we can’t have duplicate content as it affect the website as far as I know. It feels bad when you read your content with someone else’ same.

  2. You’ve done the right thing by writing this post. Honestly, you are too polite while dealing with the matter. When someone copies your post, it’s simply called ‘stealing’ that is, plagiarism, to be precise. Happened to me too a few times, but there’s nothing we can do actually to prevent these things… 🙁

    1. msarora

      I found it a best way to bring my frustration out….

  3. theuncertainties787

    This post is worth full to read. I haven’t any knowledge of it. So Thanks!!?

  4. wreaditor

    These are good tips to keep in mind. I like the idea of “inspired by” posts… There certainly are a lot of wonderful articles to inspire. And credit respectfully when they do. Thanks for the read.

    1. msarora

      Moreover you feel connected in such a big community when you mention someone’s blog in your article

    2. msarora

      Moreover you feel connected in such a big community when you mention someone’s blog in your article. Thanks for reading and a follow. Happy to be connected with you ???

      1. wreaditor

        Likewise! I’m looking forward to reading and sharing more articles in this great community.

  5. Leslie Nichole

    This is a great reminder though. I always add a link if I am writing an add on to a post that inspired me. I’m sorry that happened to you, hopefully said person didn’t know the rules of engagement.

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