Daily Writing Prompts- An opportunity of learning

Daily writing Prompts-

I bet you have never read such a love story which has been written by one of my fellow blogger. A little of humor coated with sweet sugar love. A creative combination of daily prompts. Her this post – SWEETHEARTS proves that how can give we give new dimensions to our writing skills. There are end number of ways to refine our writing skills. Do read her post and I am sure you will enjoy your weekend.

Few lines from her post –

He was a little brittle and she was a little nuts,
but still they loved each other—with no ands or buts.

Thank you Sheryl for daily prompts as this is great way to get connected with other bloggers ,read and appreciate their work. And offcourse, learn new things.

Follow these daily prompts and open the door of writer’s block. Pick up the pen or move your fingers on the keyboard and start writing.

Share your interesting post here in the comment section and give a chance to read every one !!!!

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