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Make your child learn Life coding not computer coding

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Few days back somebody asked to suggest for her child a good coding classes. I was little surprised . Why a child at the age of 8 need to learn coding??? At this age child need to explore the surroundings and his own world of emotions. He has yet not unfold the mysteries of this real world, then why to push into the artificial world ? Am I be the only the one shaken by this thought ? Do you think the same as me ?

I got the hint when I read an article by an engineer on LinkedIn and again it is proven true by Neelesh Mishra, a great storyteller, RJ when I read his article on NY TIMES.

Neelesh urges the parents, educator to openly accept the varicietes they express in their ideas. They need to come out from the fear that if my child doesn’t know the coding , he is having no future. Do actually a child at the age of 4 or 5 needs to learn coding? He beautifully wrote his thoughts to enlighten the parents concern. He further express himself through these lines –

I want my little daughter to grow up in a world where her brain can evolve not only if she knows how to code, but because she can still play with Chanda the cow and Rambo the calf, wrestle in mud and soak in rain, and question the sauntering millipede. Yes, a giraffe can be multicolored.

Coding for Life v/s Machine coding

These days lots of parents are getting thrilled by hearing all about Coding classes and coding competition. If you get little deep into that , believe it is all money making. What goals these companies are having in their mind for the development of kids us actually doubtful. Does the skill being taught going to help them in future i.e. after 20 years from now. Imagine yourself 20 years back and now and witness the drastic change in technology. Why so far , think a year before and now ! How drastically the life has changed in a year !

The imagination of of child is far beyond than we adults. The unadulterated minds are ful of vivid colors. Let them paint their own sky. Let them find their own way to move forward in life. Hold their hands so that do not get confused in the world of grown ups. Let them enjoy their childhood and collect their marbles of memories.

Says Aurora M ( Lifemarbles)

Why to enhance Life skills in kids –

  • A child needs more of human contact then machines. The values a child can learn as a part of society can’t be learnt in the company of computers. Sharing, caring, accepting the difference in the opinion are few ofvthem.
  • Programming can wait , childhood can’t. Being an adult, we always cherish the memories of our childhood. No one has a right to take their childhood. A child finds a joy by creating its own stories and we enjoy. Do you want to hear codes from their mouth. They are genius whose minds work differently. They are gifted and don’t need trainings. Every child has their own way to discover new things
  • Give time and space to develop their own thought process – Understanding the way our brain works makes us understand how important for a child to sit idle sometimes. Giving them theirbtime and space actually empowers their mind to go through the various aspects and reach at a decision.
  • Let their parachute to open to freely fly in the air – Imagine a closed parachute if doesn’t open , can’t solve the purpose and so is the umbrella. Let their parachutes and umbrellas be open under the vast sky.
  • To strengthen their physical and mental health – Sitting hours after hours in front of screen can’t benefit them physically and mentally. Create interest for Outdoor activities , sports which are equally important for their physical and mental growth.
  • Development of human race not machine – We need to work upon our future generations. Computer generations will come up eventually.

We need generation who could upgrade the lives of human beings , make nature to flourish and sustainable development.

Remeber , Coding can make computer super computer but not a strong and stable young mind. We need to understand the super skills to survive in the worst situations. A mind who can win the struggle of failures and successes and strongly face the ups and downs of life. To be grateful and humble in all the circumstances is a long way to happiness. Forgive and forget is a mantra to stay at peace and calm. All this can’t be achieved with coding on computer.

Let your child be amused with every colour rather then forcing them a colour of your fear. Future based on fear can never flourish “

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    I can’t agree more! Thanks for sharing these insights.🐾🌳🌼

  2. Black Rabbit Tea Lady

    I agree with you that coding at the age of eight is a bit early… But also, we can’t expect them to be raised as we did. Their time is different, they develop much faster then we did, because of the new age that’s going faster and faster. Their perceptions are and will not be the same, no matter how much we want it to be…

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