English proficiency test to Get verified certificate for FREE !

This week , I thought of sharing something which may help you and your kids both. Being in social media, I come across so many opportunities. Some of these opportunities are so good that you can’t resist sharing them. (Keep reading for this month FREE CERTIFICATE BY BRITISH COUNCIL for your English Proficiency test)

Reason ?

It fills my knowledge bag and make my resume stand out. Some helps me to grow as bloggers while others as an educator.

Remember the last time I shared Google doodle contest for children !!!

There are few which can help students. Hence , I thought of sharing these opportunities on my blog  , preferably on Tuesday. Hence, do SUBSCRIBE and follow my blog to stay updated.  I will be sending a newsletter too every month compiling lot more free bies, resources etc. You have simply fill this form to get this information. Y

Today I am going to introduce an NGO, National Skill Development Cooperation ( NSDC), as a part of a national skill development mission to fulfil the growing need in India for skilled manpower across sectors and narrow the existing gap between the demand and supply of skills. Their main objective is to build up the skill of Indian people.

Recently they have collaborated with British Council to provide a great opportunity for the all to check their Language proficiency online and get a free certificate. You can earn a verified certificate for your English proficiency with the help of app ENGLISH SCORE.

Follow these steps to Get VERIFIED certificate worth 699 for FREE –

English score, English proficiency level test , free certificate
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  • 1. Download the app English Score from Google play store. Check out here. https://www.englishscore.com/
  • 2. Log in.
  • 3. Take the test. ( Don’t be worried about Camera on..this is to make sure only you are taking test )
  • 4. Get the result.
  • 5. Get the certificate.
  • 6. Enter the Code NSDC2020 and Get free certificate by British council !!!
  • SAVE YOUR MONEY, otherwise you have to pay Rs 699 for a certificate.


  • 1. You will come to know about Cambride Language Level.
  • 2. You will get a rough idea about your IELTS score.
  • 3. It is Acceptable all over the world
  • 4. Valid for one year
  • 5. It is verified Certificate.
Believe me, you can't get better offer then this….! Hurry Up , take the pandemic as an opportunity to grow and gain knowledge!!! Share on X

Check out their website for more opportunities and courses. They have few online courses in Hindi too. . Do share with others who are in need, leading towards skilled India. Support Local brands , speak for them and guide them.

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  1. Ashvini Naik

    A very informative post. I wasn’t aware of this certification yet.

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