Have a date with my Coffee Love


Life is full of ups and downs and we keep on looking around for positivity , inspiration , happiness and reasons to celebrate.

We feel sad when no one is around to cheer us up. It’s then you need to ignite your passion with the company of your favourite food and drink. Believe me , it works and you start enjoying your own company.

Whenever I feel depressed ,unmotivated and my energy levels go down , there is something which rejuvenates me and makes me feel better. It not only gives a company but brings my innerself out.

That is A Date –

 A date with my love, my Coffee.

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I love to have a coffee in any form – hot or cold. If I get a company, its good, if not , I alone can enjoy my cup of coffee.
It is a big stress buster for me. Even the recent studies have proved that drinking a few cups of coffee is  good for our health.

History of  Coffee

Do you  know who discovered coffee and how did it reach to us ? The answer is  really interesting . It was not discovered by a well know historian or scientists or any researcher. It was discovered by a shepherd. Watch this video showing it’s origin and a brief history of coffee.

Good News for the coffee lovers

Recent studies have shown that if we drink coffee in limit and without sugar and without milk or with less milk, it boosts the health of our heart and also helps in preventing lung cancer , Parkinson disease and diabetes-2 also.

Coffee-A best friend for some

Many times I go to cafe to order coffee and have seen many people standing in a cue and thinking of their order of coffee. I think there is only a few number of people who know the real difference between types of coffee though they are well conversant with their names like Expresso , cappuccino , latte or Mocha. These are only few names to mention.

Types of Coffee in the World

There are more than 20 kinds to coffee in the world. There are many kinds of coffee beans grown but most of the coffees are prepared from mainly two kinds of coffee beans- Coffee Arabica and Coffee Robusta. Coffee Robusta is more bitter and stronger in taste. Here are the few names of the different types of coffee drinking by the people in the various parts of the World.

  • Expresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Mocha
  • Latte
  • Flat Milk
  • Macchiato
  • Americano
  • Chai Latte
  • Egg Coffee
  • Doppio
  • Mazagran
  • Borgia
  • Frappé
  • Spiced Latte( My latest love) and list goes on.

Know Your Love :

  • Expresso :  If you are in love with Expresso, then it has 7g of  ground coffee in the filter and has brewed for 20 mins to make it 30 ml. You can have a double dose of your love with 14 grams to make it 60- 75 ml.
  • Cappuccino :  It has expresso coffee , milk and  foamed milk in same proportion i.e. 60ml in same order.
  • Latte : It has more of milk in quantity compared to the quantity of the coffee, double or more than that.Thus , it tastes less of coffee compared to Cappuccino.
  • Mocha : It gives you a flavour of expresso coffee with hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream. I am sure you can resist falling in love with it.
  • Macchiato : You can find it in Italy as they have invented it. It has coffee with only foamed milk on the top. In Kosavo, you will find it with cream on the top.
  • Flat Milk  : It has expresso coffee with microfoam milk( steamed milk with some bubbles) Unlike Cappuccino which has macro foam on the top.
  • Chai latte : As the name suggest, expresso coffee with a flavour of masala tea.
  • Mazagran :An expresso without milk with a flavour of lemon juice. Yes ! A coffee with lemon juice with a little of sugar and ice cubes. A must try.
  • Spiced Latte : Now , time to describe my latest Love❤❤. It has Expresso and milk with flavours of spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.

So , next time you order your favourite Coffee , feel the taste of and enjoy the real flavour of it or find your new love like me. I am also eager to share my new love. Till then , fix a date with coffee at your favourite place , may be  at a Coffee Shop, Workplace or everyone’s favourite- Home Sweet Home like me.

Caution : Coffee contains caffeine. Excessive intake may be injurious to your health . Consume it at your own risk.

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Photo credit : Google and video: Youtube

Which is your favourite coffee???

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  1. Anupriya Gupta

    The thought of hot coffee makes me go Ummm! Cappuccino and Mocha are my favorites.

    1. msarora

      Good choice Anupriya, I too love the aroma of hot coffee.

  2. Sitharaam Jayakumar

    I once saw a program on TV where they talked about coffee that is made from the partly digested coffee seeds eaten by a cat called the Civet Cat. This is supposed to be the most expensive coffee in the world. I believe the Civet cat eats these seeds and the partly digested seeds are collected when the cat defecates. I just now googled and found out this Coffee is called the Kopi luwak. The retail price is US$700 per kg. You have given very exhaustive details about coffee. I love coffee and as soon as I wake up in the morning I need my cuppa as quickly as possible. Good detailed article. Makes me ache for a cup of coffee right away ! Heading for the kitchen ! #Superbloggerchallenge2018 #Instacuppa

    1. msarora

      Thanks Jayakumar for sharing this information. I was completely unaware of this Coffee. Thank you much for reading and appreciating. Hope you had a wonderful time with your cup of Coffee.

  3. Surbhi Prapanna

    though I am not a coffee lover but loved the thoughts and information you had shared in the post. I had the same equation with green tea. agreed, spending some quality me time with your favourite drink refreshes us instantly. #Superbloggerchallenge2018

    1. msarora

      Agree !You are with more healthier option. Green tea is a best way to detoxifying ourselves. I sometimes switch over to green tea when I feel I am gaining weight. ??

  4. Mann

    Aha…that’s a nice compilation. I am not much into coffee and have a mug once in a while but yeah have tried a few of them in CCD. How wonderful, a single coffee has so many avatars.

  5. aritrarelivingdreams

    I loved ur post
    Waiting to read more from u

    1. msarora

      Thanks dear ! I am also enjoying reading the posts by all the talented bloggers. Looking forward to read your posts. Thanks for visiting.

  6. Alubhujiablog

    Chai latte ?? Oh I never knew bout it , Let me c if I find it in some cafe ., It was an interesting post

    1. msarora

      Thanks for reading dear. Even I haven’t tried yet in cafe but sometimes my son makes it at home.

  7. Zainab

    I’m a tea person left, right and centre. But, I do love americano as that’s what helps me with 4 pm headaches.
    Exhaustive post on the same 🙂

    1. msarora

      Thanks Zainab.I love tea in the morning only with breakfast specially with paranthas

  8. CherishingFLo

    This entire read MADE MY DAY! I love coffee soooo much and my boyfriend is always griping at me at how unhealthy it is. Personally, I love macchiatos. I can only drink anericano when I NEED actual caffeine to stay awake but I’m never heard of marzagran or whatever. That’s sounds weird, but who knows? It may be delicious. I’ve also never heard of Doppio. Smh and I’m over here thinking I know my coffee. Spiced lattes are good girl!

  9. pythoroshan

    Thank you so much for this 🙂 this is exactly my kind of post… Lots of trivia that I love to learn and then spot around 🙂

    1. msarora

      Thanks for the appreciation. The best part for me was how the coffee was discovered.

  10. Evelyne ? (@evyclocharde)

    My ever-lasting love, coffee! Fell in love way too young, still going strong! 😀
    I’m actually into black coffee – no matter if espresso, americano, lungo, hand drip… though when I go out to fancy cafes and they’ve got non-dairy milk I love getting some pretty latte art in my cappuccino foam <3
    Lovely blog post, now you have me craving another cup and its 9 PM here!

    1. msarora

      I am sure you gonna enjoy your cup of coffee more after reading my post.☕☕

  11. Maud

    I am craving coffee so bad now, thanks for that! 🙂 Awesome post, I’m off to make myself a cup right now!

    1. msarora

      A cup of coffee for YOU ☕❤?. Enjoy the date with your cup of coffee

  12. Yeah Lifestyle

    Although I don’t drink coffee, I enjoyed reading your post. Every morning I enjoy the smell of freshly made coffee with my hot chocolate.

    1. msarora

      Even I too sometimes take hot chocolate for a change. But I love chocolate shake.

  13. pratikshya2

    Coffee was my first love. Tea my current love. Heheh!!

    Had never heard about egg coffee. Omg.

    I like with milk. Spices, never tried. Lemon, interested to try now. Sounds so interesting.

    Coffee wisdom around the world can make another bible.

    1. msarora

      Hahaha….It means I can write few more posts on my love or may be a book ??
      Enjoy your current love but don’t don’t forget your first crush??

  14. livelovetravelx

    Oh my gosh COFFEE is my love too!!!
    My favorite is a sweet caramel macchiato but I have only discovered Vietnamese coffee and it is amazing!!

  15. smilespreaderr

    Superb work
    Please follow me and give your suggestions on my poetry:)

  16. kirakiratsu

    I’m not a big fan of coffee (though I order cold one from time to time) but your post was really detailed and interesting!

  17. Claire j

    I love hot coffee i just cannot drink tea or coffee cold at all. If out with my friend i sometimes get a mocha or sometimes a vanilla latte. Day to day i just like filter with a little milk. The smell of fresh ground coffee is amazing. Great post ! Now i need coffee. ?


  18. dpranita583

    Very nice topic you have chosen.

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