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Coffee to fall in love with – Rage Coffee

When I talk about love

I talk about Coffee

When I talk about Coffee

I talk about flavours

Chocolate,  cinnamon and caramel !!!

If we talk about daily routine of a person, it can’t be completed with one special thing. That special thing rejuvenates and refreshens your mind. It brings you out from all the hard tough times. For me and many like me ( talking about writers, authors and bloggers) it is a cup of super frothy coffee!

Let me open up the secret of my life here. People around us are too busy to take out a little time for us. So , I sometimes go for a blind date.

Yes, few years back I was dating. But somehow I felt that I was losing charm of it. So, I tried blind date few days back at my nearby Cafe( Cafe named Heebees that reminded me of heebies- jeebies).

It was mind blowing day . Now I was looking for the same experience everyday. So I started with my search online. It was then I came across….. that touched my soul !

My latest love… ❤ super frothy flavoured coffee ! Not one but different flavours for moods.

Yes , that day, in Cafe , I had caramel coffee. Super tasty…!!! I couldn’t resist to have that at the comforts of my home.

Finally I found Rage Coffee with perfect combination of flavours in a pack.

The best part of it that it comes with free frother too with every purchase.

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Reasons to choose this Coffee

  • As I prefer to recommend Vocal for Local and small businesses,  I think this is perfect to choose.
  • It has rich flavour, better than what is available in the market.
  • It has different flavours to try.
  • It comes with / without frother depending on your choice.
  • It is soul satisfying.
  • Made up of Premium Arabica beans from Ethiopian highlands.
  • Completely Indian brand
  • It is also available as Liquid Coffee and cold brew bags ( for all coffee addicts like me )
  • Every few days , they come up with superb offers and combos which are best gift someone you love or your coffee partner. (if you are tired of that old kind of gifting)
  • You can enjoy Barista kind coffee at your place, with friends n family. Make a glass coffee and in return all appreciation is yours.
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Some FAQs about rage coffee

  • Does Rage coffee have different flavours?

Answer – Rage Coffee have 9 different flavours. The nine exotic flavours are– original, Irish hazelnut, creme caramel, sparky orange, dark chocolate, butterscotch delight, mint mocha, chai latte, and vanilla bubblegum.

  •  What is different in Rage Coffee?

Answer : It is made up of high quality beans which are sustainably grown and roasted to perfection.

  • Which Flavour of rage coffee is best ?

Answer: Depends on your liking and mood. I personally like caramel and chocolate flavour.

Rage coffee,  instant coffee , flavoured coffee
  • Is rage a instant coffee?

Answer : Yes , it is an instant coffee.

Have you decided which flavour or combo you want to buy ???? Try once and you won’t regret. If not satisfied with any coupon or offer Use Coupon – LIFEMARBLES to get 20% discount !!!!

Coffee mug, coasters and frother Combo

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla.

Note – This post contains affiliate link.

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  1. Cindy D'Silva

    My mom loves her coffee! But, I didn’t know people like you fell in love with coffee too! Haha!

  2. Monidipa Dutta

    I’m seeing a lot of Rage coffee ads recently, may because I love coffee. But I always prefer black, filtered coffee. I guess it’s time that I try Rage too.

    1. Aurora M

      Try once ! They have cold brew coffee bags too if you wanna try

      1. memoryflies

        Would love to try this Rage coffee. I love to have a coffee. Uske bina dimag nahi chalta😆

  3. Madhu Bindra

    Your post reminded me of my friend who would invite us whenever she roasted coffee beans. The coffee was delicious. I have not heard of the brand but will give it a try.

  4. Brinda Vijay

    Sounds like rage coffee will soon be the rage with so many unique flavors to choose from! As you say, we writers/bloggers need our cuppa!!

  5. Ritu

    I miss having coffee. Unfortunately I am allergic to it now and it is an instant migraine trigger. Mom loves coffee and I will share this with her.

  6. Kaveri Chhetri

    right now I am a fan of ID liquid coffee concoction but looks like I must try instant coffee Rage after reading your review. When I was reading the first few lines, I had no idea it’s a coffee brand review… I thought it was a story Aurora… niiiice👌

  7. Sonia Dogra

    This is a new brand for me. A good frothy coffee usually means beating it well for me. But the flavors in Rage and it’s high recommendation seems worth a try.

  8. Harjeet Kaur

    Oh I so love coffee but i am lactose intolerant and cannot have it. Black coffee is not for me. Even i had this whipper when my daughter was having Bullet coffee. Rage coffee looks really delish.

  9. rgvdudeja

    I still remember Rage doing a NFT campaign a few weeks ago. I wonder what happened to it. What I am trying to say that it is a brand that is associated with the youth and often come up with really good products. This one seems no exception.

  10. sonu chouhan

    I am a tea person ..but seeing your review i think i must try coffee as well

  11. shail

    I am a coffee lover myself and I need my cup of coffee to start the day. I have heard a lot about Rage. Your review made my decision easier.

  12. I am a coffee lover n like to try all types of coffee… would love to try this one soon.

  13. Meetalikutty

    I live for coffee and have tried Rage as well- it’s quite good. My personal favourite is sleepy owl

  14. Been hearing a lot about this brand and the flavours are very interesting.

  15. Kashish Mahtani

    I see why Rage coffee is a rage these days! Been on my mind to get some home, this probably is just the nudge I needed.

  16. Pooja Jha

    I am coffee lover, I don’t know I can say that or not because I ain’t drink Blac coffee. But, I am gonna try this soon. I wasn’t able to decide on trying Rage coffee but now after your post, it’s clear, I am ordering now😊

  17. Manasi

    I really enjoyed Slay Coffee.

  18. Kavita Singh

    Oh, this is one of my most favorite brands of coffee. The hazelnut flavor is my favorite, for sure. Although, I am not a big fan of coffee but this one for sure soothes my taste buds.

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