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A shadow in my mind

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A shadow in my mind
Like ripples of water
Appears for a second
Next moment disappears

Never happened before
Strange but true
Is it with me only
Or it’s happening with him too?

Just a glimpse of his
And my heart was lost
I am melting like an snow
In the warmth of hisĀ  thought

I can’t see the sky above
As his aura made me blind
And the longing for him
Is difficult for me to hide

Is it love…..????

Via Daily prompt: Above

Pic credit: Google; edited by – Msarora

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  1. Love this! And I relate to it ????

    • Thanks dear..everybody once in a life experience this.I am happy that you liked it ??

  2. Oh my, “Is It Love”…. time will tell….

  3. Beautiful. I love this….

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