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Blogging – A new era profession

When somebody asks me that what do you get  when write blogs.  Usually they refer to –  how much revenue or how much money do I earn by writing blogs or Your blogging career.

What goes in my mind is –

It’s not the money that I look for when I write blogs. It’s all about the satisfaction, getting connected with the readers and adding value to their life.

Blogging is not my profession, it’s my passion. It is like when you are taking care of the plants in your house for long. Suddenly one day you see bloom on them, your heart gets filled with joy and it brings smile on your face. This what blogging or writing means to someone.

This is what you get why you do something for your soul satisfaction. This reward is more than anything in the world even more than the money.

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Some of the things in life are done for the self satisfaction, to make ourselves happy, adding value to the society,  without thinking of the return.

In today’s world where everyone is riding on a horse to get the attention and the fame in the social media. There are some who are doing it for the benefit of others.

If you are professional content writer, content creator or your full time Blogger , no one can understand how hard you are working on your website or on your blog to make money. There is nothing wrong in that. Like other professions, blogging is also a full time profession.

Very few people understand what does blogging means. It includes many things not only just a writing piece and publishing it online.

Blogging is a full time profession because :

  • Writing –The very first thing – bloggers spend a lots and lots of time to write down an article either in your diary or in Word. And it’s not the first draft that they have written, they are going to publish. It includes lots of revisions. This consumes a lot of time and patience
  • Pre preparation – Before writing the blog you have to research a lot on the topic you are going to write it down. You have to go through research papers, various articles published or observe the surroundings and the Social emotional incidents around you. Listening what the people talking about in society or their innerself.
  • Presentation – once you are done with research and rough draft, Then comes the next part – how to present the blog post i. schema of the  article. This includes the length of each paragraph, titles, subtitles, heading, adding pointers etc.  
  • Images –  if you are done with the above three  things,  then appropriate and compelling images to added. You must be thinking that images are only  to make the post more attractive.Then my dear  readers specially those who are not bloggers and content writers, let me tell you it has more purpose than this.

Understanding Alt Text :

The images you see on the screen are having some Alt text ( short form Alternative text ) . These images help  help us to find our own way to appear in Google search. Moreover, the images which is which are there in the Google or Pinterest may not align with our article. In that case we have to create our own images using the different apps like canva, picsart etc.

  •  Search engine optimization (SEO) –  By now you must be thinking that the work of Blogger or content writer or content creator is over, then you are wrong. Now is the time to make the article SEO friendly. Adding up the keywords at the proper players number of keywords to be used in the article, meta description, adding internal and external links add much more.

Wait wait wait! Okay, now we are ready to publish our article or blog post. But the real work is still pending. That includes sharing the article or the blog post on the various social media platforms and interacting with  the readers.

I am winding up by this post with these words but still I know I am missing a lot because I am not a professional Blogger or content writer. If I am doing all this to publish one article or a blog post on my website imagine how much time these content writers or bloggers are putting up.

Maintaining the good Alexa rank,  DA to attract the brands also a big challenge.

How many stars to efforts of blogger’s work ?

Rating: 1 out of 5.

So remember the job of a Blogger for a content writer demands are lots of time, hard work and regularity like other jobs. So I request you all to consider them as a professionals and treat them as a professionals.  Even a person who does it for the passion also go through the same process though their expectations are different.

The journey of every Blogger is different in this blogosphere. My dear blogger’s I request you to shout out your pain, your efforts, your struggles out to the world.

Think before you accept someones who offer you on the basis of the words that you have to write for them. They may offer you play 50 paise for each word but they are not knowing what all we have to do to write 20 words or 300 words for them.

The above stated words are purely in the basis of my four years of blogging journey. Add your voice in comment section.

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  1. Adi Sathe

    This one is a really wonderful post even if you are not a FULL TIME blogger/creator! Thanks for penning this down

  2. Ritu

    So true. Every blogger has a different journey and we all have reasons to start a blog. All said, blogging is hard work. Something people do not realize.

  3. Thesiriusgramreads

    Fantastic read! I enjoyed the content and very relatable ! Thanks for writing about this. The struggle is real, but with passion and love it’s with it.

  4. Charu

    Very well written. The analogy of plants is so apt. For me too my blog is like Mt personal space to document my thoughts and connect with my readers. Monetizing via it is secondary.

  5. Sweta

    Blogging is jist another profession and it should be treated equally. So all bloggers and writers should be united to shars their voice.

  6. Imagemakeover

    Blogging is a serious profession. More of hard work but less returns but if you are passionate about it, it had the highest satisfaction rate.

  7. Deepti Menon

    So much of hard work goes into writing a blog post! Thank you for putting your thoughts across so succinctly and effectively.

  8. Mayuri6

    You speak for all of us, so a big thanks to you. You’ve beautifully out lined all the behind the scenes efforts that go into creating a blog post. I will be thrilled the day Blogging is considered a serious profession!

  9. Madhu Bindra

    Great post. Blogging is as easy or difficult as you want it to be. Not everyone wants to make it a profession but it deserves respect.

  10. Pooja Mahimkar

    I started blogging back in 2008 and it has been a great addition to my life. Its not my job but sort of like a hobby that comforts me. This blog has been a way of sharing my joy, sadness and all that was going on in my life over the years. I am so glad I started blogging early on

  11. Suchita

    Bloggers are professionals and I love that what we do is curating content first and worrying about the money later. This should be an essential read for anyone thinking of starting a blog.

  12. Debidutta Mohanty

    A big thanks to you for voicing it out for all of us. Loved the post, it was so relatable. You have rightly outlined the efforts that go in behind the scene.

    1. Dr.Amrita Basu

      Its always a lot of work to create content on any platform. Some wonderful insights I must say.

  13. Abha Singh

    So true only a blogger can understand how much effort and hard work goes behind a blog. Very well presented article. You almost covered a blogger’s journey in simple words.

  14. Aesha

    Oh yes, bloggers are enterpreneurs, it’s not a hobby that one pursues. So, thnaks for sharing about it and speaking for all of us, bloggers. It’s real hard work which should be respected.

    1. Aurora M

      Thank you so much for expressing yourself

  15. TravelwithSrikanth

    Spot On! Not a easy task to get a story line created and weaved to what a reader would love engaging with. Still getting there while managing my 9-5 job or rather my 12 hour job if i say so.. Will get there, SEO is very important and so is ensuring those small bits like ALT text which make your blog post a success.. thanks for sharing them and the hardwork that goes into it minus the ghost writers that some employ!

    1. Aurora M

      Thanks for the appreciation ! Hope others too understand behind the scenes journey

    1. Aurora M

      Thanks for the appreciation

  16. deepikabhatlisharma

    I am so happy you chose to write about this. Blogging isn’t easy and keeping your blog going requires a lot of time effort and love. Wonderful writing.
    Deepika Sharma

    1. Aurora M

      Thanks Deepika for stopping by and reading it

  17. Books Teacup and Reviews

    This was amazing and I can totally relate to everything you said. I’m also not professional blogger or writer and I also have spent four years blogging and I still face see people not getting what I do and why I do it.

    1. Aurora M

      Agreed ! This is what I wanted to say

  18. jayanthi6

    I could scream and yell that blogging and writing is a very difficult journey..many assume that it is the easiest thing to do! Thanks for the post!

  19. Matheikal

    For me, blogging is a hobby. But it could be a profession for many. There are many who trivialise it too.

    1. Aurora M

      For some a hobby and fir some a profession. But hardwork in both.

  20. Ginia

    Loved this blog post. For me blogging is more about sharing my experiences and things that worked for me with others. The extra perks are like a happy side effect. Professional blogging is an extremely difficult job requiring a lot of hard work.

    1. Aurora M

      This is exactly I want to convey. Thanks for appreciation and comment

  21. Neerja Bhatnagar

    Nice post. It has encompassed all pains and pleasures of being a blogger. 🙂

  22. richamina

    that’s so true completing one blogpost is a step by step method and the result we get by shares and traffic is the reward and i find it totally addicting.

  23. Cindy Dsilva

    Blogging is my passion too but getting a little monetary benefits from it a totally a plus point…

    1. Aurora M

      Exactly! You are right. Both require hard work n recognition. Be a passion or profession.

  24. Geethica

    Such an awesome post. Blogging is truly a full-time work even if you don’t earn regularly out of it.

    1. Sivaranjini Anandan

      Wow, loved every word and loads of love to you for writing this.

  25. Harjeet Kaur

    I wish I could share this post with people around me. They are clueless about blogging. Some even call me mad as i cook and post recipes.

  26. Harshita

    Your each and every word struck a chord. Blogging is hard work, and everyone’s journey is different. While too much is written about SEOs and Meta Data and Keywords etc, what people don’t understand is that it is not everyone’s cup of tea (like me). So even good content will remain hidden cos your post is not higher up in the search. Kudos to you for pointing out the hardwork we put in just to get one article posted

    1. Aurora M

      Thanks Harshita ! I feel sad when people don’t understand for what we do.

  27. jayshreebhagat

    Definitely blogging is full time job. Have been in this for about 13 years now. And the journey is amazing

    1. Aurora M

      That’s good know ! 13 years is a quite long time.

  28. Deepa

    I am glad you wrote this. Blogging is not as easy as it looks. Hope people understand this.

    1. Aurora M

      Thanks Deepa ! I have just put what I feel

  29. jainnehas

    It great how you framed this and quote as blogging is a fulltime profession. Writing is only a part but the other factors are important too.

  30. Sonali Baidya

    True, I totally agree with this.I know that struggle as I have been more 3 years in this field.

  31. shaandaarjenie

    I loved the way you have expressed your thoughts esp the plant- flower bloom.

    We all go through the same process and satisfaction.

  32. fabzindia

    When I first started blogging, I had no idea about how much work it involved!

  33. jaideepkhanduja

    Very well said. Without research, proper & exhaustive, nobody can create something interesting.

  34. Aesha

    thank you for these wonderful words of encouragement and appreciation for bloggers. You are so right. Indeed so many efforts go into writing a blog post. Loved your post.

  35. A Rustic Mind

    Thank you so much for saying this. We undermine ourselves and the whole community when we settle for less.

    1. Aurora M

      We are no less than others

  36. Tina S

    Didn’t see the twist coming in the end. Well-written! #MyFriendAlexa #TinasPicks

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