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Love For Succulents Causing Extinction Of Rare Plant

These days gardening has become the hobby of many people as it brings you closer to the nature. Moreover lots of tips and tricks are available online to start the indoor garden or the terrace garden.

Even I have beautiful flowers and different kind of plants in my house. You can take a glimpse of those in these pictures.

It is always a great feeling to see all these plants in my house . Then I came to know about the extinction of rare plants species.

We are well aware about the extinction of animals as we talk a lot about endangered species of animals in social media and newspapers too. I have heard about the extinction of animal species. But the extinction of the endangered or rare species of succulents was new to me.

Causes and Reasons for disappearing of Succulents and other rare species

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According to the article published in Ecowatch , Plant poaching is not new, nor is it unique to the area; but, pandemic-inspired houseplant purchases have exacerbated the issue worldwide.

People don’t have work… People are desperate for money and food, willing to make quick money,” van Wyk explained. Due to increased interest in rare plants, “now syndicates pay several months’ worth of salary to locals for plants which, in the end, are being sold in Asia and Europe, as well as America, for values that could sustain a family for years in Namaqualand. “

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During this pandemic to make the garden more beautiful, there has been sudden rise in the demand of rare plants and succulents. To fulfil this demand, the native people are forced to grow these plants and then the illegal trading is being done. You must have seen lots of succulents and rare plants in nearby nurseries attracting all the customers.

Believe it or not, about 1/3 species of cacti are at the verge of extinction as mentioned in Sciencedaily.

“Hotspots for threatened cactus species include arid areas of Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay. These areas are perceived as uncharismatic and unimportant, even though they are rich in biodiversity, hence arid-land species like cacti are often overlooked in conservation planning. “

More details here

To make the garden unique and aesthetic, we always look for the plants which are different. Specially, indoor and succulents which can be easily maintained. At the same time we forget that the we are causing hazard to our environment. This can create imbalance in the nature .

Hence we must choose our plants wisely.

We have to make our nature more beautiful add pollution free,then we must not create unbalance in nature for our selfless greed.

Choose what is easily available around you. Take all steps that can flourish and protect the flora and fauna on Earth.

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  1. ghazala786

    I was not knowing about this , some animal species are being extinct is known to all but about plant species we haven’t heard much . And yes we should brings the ones which are locally available 🙂

  2. J.S. Pailly

    Good to know! I’ve wanted to start growing indoor plants for a while now, and a friend recently gave me two lovely potted plants to start with. I promise to be conscientious about any future house plants I may acquire!

  3. pamela

    I must say all your posts are well researched, informative and insightful. I wanted to grow an indoor garden in my balcony , now I know what I have to do and which plants I can opt for.

    1. Aurora M

      Thank Pamela for appreciation. Yes , we have to be aware to what we are choosing these days no matter what it is.

      1. aditi

        I didn’t know that succulents are on the verge of extinction. Thanks for your awareness post, I’m clear about which plants should I prefer for house garden.

        1. Aurora M

          Better to go with what is grown locally. Glad that you found the article helpful

  4. rootsandwingsbysmita

    I didn’t know about this. Thanks for the informative post to make all of us aware.

  5. Harjeet Kaur

    Oh! This is news to me. I also have a big garden but I didn’t know this. I have a couple of succulents. I had many kinds of cactus and someone said you should not keep thorny plants in the house. I was sad to let them go. But now I realize that all these are myths.

  6. Ritu

    This is quite an eye-opener and quite informative. I didn’t know a third of the species of cacti are facing extension. You ae absolutely right, for the sake of uniqueness, we are putting the plant species at risk. Gardening and house plants bring us joy, but not at such a high cost to the environment.

  7. Satabdi

    What you’re talking about is similar to the way we’re running after foods like quinoa and avocado that are not native to our country. Importing them increases their food miles and contributes to environmental damage.

    I wasn’t aware that succulents are in danger of going extinct. I had never heard of plant poaching before. And I used to think that growing plants, no matter what or where, is good for the environment.

  8. Raghav Dudeja

    Living in Mumbai, gardens are a luxury for most of us. While I fiddle around with a couple of indoor plants, it is far from the “connecting with nature” thing. But plant extinction? That’s never crossed my mind. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Madhu Bindra

    Succulents are very popular these days but I didn’t know they were getting extinct. This reminds me of the pugs that were very popular after the Vodafone ad. People did not realize that pugs are not fit for Indian heat.

  10. memoryflies

    I dont know like an animals, plant species are also on extinct. Cactus and succulent are different. I love succulent but did not know in details. Your post is so informative. Thank you.

  11. Mayuri6

    I love succulents, they look so visually pleasing. Was surprised to read that they are growing extinct. We all should become more aware about the environment.

  12. Vasumathi

    I have one succulent plant that I grew out of a couple of leaves that had fallen off from my friends plant. I didn’t know that they were under threat of extinction. But I agree that growing plants that are native to one’s region helps maintain the balance.

  13. Abha Mondal

    I am really surprised to know this. I agree we must choose our plants wisely. If its harming our planet then we should definitely stop this.

    1. Aurora M

      Buying locally available things are always support environment

  14. Mehul Kaku

    I loved this post. I have also grown indoor plants of late and enjoying it.

  15. Bhawna Shah

    This is fact that the people always follow the trend regardless it causes damage to environment. This is not just a matter of a plant , it is happening with animals too. Thank you for raising your voice through your words.

  16. Neha Sharma

    This is new information for me, I had no idea that even plants are getting extinct. Thank you for spreading awareness with your posts. I will be careful not to pick any succulents for my garden now.

  17. Noor Anand Chawla

    Gosh! Who would’ve thought! Even nurturing plants at home is harmful to the overall biodiversity! Thanks for highlighting this important information.

    1. Aurora M

      That’s stand true for rare plant species particularly succulents as they are easy to maintain.

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