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Brightness of unity will forever glow !

Unity has strength
O man, do you know?
How can a drop of water
Ever easily flow ?
Learn to live together
With love and no arguments
Create happiness and Share love
Are your strong instruments
Storms will come
And storms will go
The brightness of unity
Will forever glow…!

I have found this poem written on a paper from my old notes ! Long back….may 15 years ago !!! Thought of sharing with you. Don’t remember if it is being written by me or copied from somewhere. Thought of sharing with you 🙂💞💞

Love yourself and love others . You have the power to change the way of your life, by bringing the positive energy to you and surrounding the good vibes. So, start a new !!!

Can you please share your thoughts on how ‘s your visit in my blog ? Are enjoying? Writing takes a lot of time , publishing time even more but your feedback can make me write better ! DO READ SOME MORE POEMS HERE

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