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Twilight band – a short poem

A tract of land
Far away from the noise
Where blows the cold wind
I want to be there
Not in dreamsBut in real….
To listen what
The little birds say
When they make a nest
With with some twigs and hay….
Oh ! Clouds are moving
What I see a little princess
Smiling and laughing
On this lovely day….
I hold a pen and
Sit under a tree
Moving up and down
To make my soul free….
I wish you could be there
And hold my hand
To spend one whole night
Under the twilight band…..!!!

few dreams keep floating in our mind. All imaginations are put into words if it doesn’t work as a reality. Poems are the those one of the reasons I love to write….!

Do you write poems✍ ??? Share few few lines 🤳 in the comment section. I would love to read💛💛 !!! And don’t forget to subscribe💌 my blog to have fun 🥳together!!!

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    1. Aurora M

      Thank for the comment…! I visited your blog and read the poem and also put my feelings n views there.
      Keep sharing!

    1. Aurora M

      Thanks dear ! I am glad you liked it

  1. Pr@Gun

    Beautiful poem.

    Under the twilight band
    With a pen under tree
    Such a sight it will be
    To be floating in words
    yet setting it free

    #PraGunReads #MyFriendAlexa #Blogchatter

  2. AnecdoteMomlife

    I want to be free too and enjoy this beautiful land. Beautiful poem!

  3. Leha

    such a visual poem, beautiful words

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