One more goal for blog achieved in the mid year 2018 – New domain name

Hi Guys !

A short post ! Just to inform all my readers that in the beginning of 2018 , I decided some goals for my blog. The first important thing was to get Domain and moving to self hosted site and I am done with.

I do not want my readers to miss anything in future ( nor they want to miss,  I am sure) on my blog so you will now be able to see my posts under the same name i.e. JOURNEY OF LIFE CONTINUES  but with a new domain name

WordPress followers need not to worry as you will be with my new domain and will be able to see my posts in your reader but if you want to get informed about my new post through e-mail , you have to SUBSCRIBE my blog domain. ( It will be available the next week )

Don’t worry  this journey will continue as it was, the only thing is we are going to add more features to it !

Hope it comes out well !

Coming up soon with new looks !

Love you all

Ms Arora ??

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  1. Mann


    1. msarora

      Thanks Mann, but there is lots of confusion at this moment

      1. Mann

        It remains… Atleast with me. i am still confused!!!

  2. CherishingFLo

    Congratulations! I’m planning on doing the same soon! Did you go through WordPress premium or did you use an outside source?

    1. msarora

      Hi dear , I did it from outside but it is difficult to move stats and likes and followers too. Till now only comments and content is moved.
      So , in dilemma ,may be come back to wordpress premium as I don’t want to start from beginning.
      My personal opinion!
      Do let me know if you find something else.

      1. CherishingFLo

        Yeah I was leaning towards WordPress premium for that same reason but I’m still looking so if I find a better solution I’ll let you know!

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