Start your day with positive thoughts to stay happy

Life quotes, journey of life continues

Everyday is a new day. When we get up in the morning, we start a fresh . That moment is the moment on which our whole day depends. Never start your day with something negative or with worries. Always start your day with some positive thoughts. If you will start your day with a positive thought and as a fresh new day , definitely your day will go smooth , with no worries at all . Even if you would have to face any adverse situation ,you will find yourself capable of bringing it under your control.

Coming out from the bed or leaving the comfort zone is difficult or a challenge for some( usually switch off the alarm and wait for five minutes to get up and that 5 mins become 1 hour at times) but who has succeeded in his life being in his own comfortable zone ? Taking up a new challenge is life. There are different ways to motivate yourself in the morning. 

Your first thought decides how your day would be , hence, start your day with what you love to do. What can be better than motivating yourself by recognising your strengths and God given gift of life.

Get up in the morning and say thanks to God for giving you one more day to enjoy life. Look at your hands and see how beautiful they are ! With these hands you can achieve whatever you want ! You can say this beautiful Shaloka in Sanskrit too which is perfect way to start your day.

“The Force” is in your hands – कराग्रे वसते लक्ष्मीः

lakShmI in the finger tips, saraswatI on the palm |
shaktI is situated in the wrist, it is auspicious to see the hands ||

कराग्रे वसते लक्ष्मीः, करमध्ये सरस्वती ।
करमूले स्थिता गौरी, मंगलं करदर्शनम् ॥

karAgre vasate lakShmIH, kara-madhye saraswatI |
kara-moole sthitA gaurI, mangalaM kara-darshanam ||

You can hang or keep a picture of someone you admire the most as this will keep you going no matter what the situation is throughout the day. Wish your parents if you are living with them. Look out for the greenery , the nature , your pet with a smile on your face. 

Good morning, journey of life continues

Just doing this much will fill you with lots of happiness and you will feel blessed.

Don’t let others define you , create your own definition.  If you are not happy with this definition , create a new ! Be the master of your life ! Feel like a bird, light……! Inspire youself….! Motivate yourself……! This is your new day…..!


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How do you motivate yourself in the morning??? How do you start your day ? Share your views and ideas.

Ms Arora??

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  1. Faiza Blogs

    This post is very inspirational and so positive and filled with good vibes. 🙂

    1. msarora

      Awww ! I am really happy that you felt positive stmulus through my post.

    1. msarora

      Great ! Do tell me if you find these ideas helpful. Thanks for reading and appreciating ?

    1. msarora

      Thanks Pushpendra for liking and commenting

  2. Sachin Baikar

    Inspiring post ? Thanks for sharing ?

  3. Abhisek Nayak

    I agree with you. Sometimes it’s hard to do so but we should always try to start the day being positive.

    1. msarora

      Exactly! Sometimes Only positive thoughts can do wonders in our life and change the situation too.
      Thanks for reading and appreciating ?

  4. Anita

    Agree with you 🙂
    Have a happy day!

    1. msarora

      Thank you Anita ! Indeed I need this day to be good after one month long vacation

  5. Misha Bagga

    Such a positive post. Keep Glittering, love TGA by Misha ????

    1. msarora

      Thanks Misha ! Everybody needs at some moment of life some positive vibes to stay strong snd happy.
      Thanks for your appreciation ??

  6. usranaeem

    Great great post. Positivity in life is so important you know ?

    1. msarora

      So true ! Only positivity can keep us happy in every situation

  7. Sakshi Raina

    This is such an important post to remember because we often forget it in our daily mundane lives. We gotta stay positive and it’s only then we attract the positives.

    1. msarora

      I am glad you liked it ! Thanks for reading. Completely agree with Your view point

  8. Clifton Kazar

    I’d constantly want to be update on new articles on this web site, saved to my bookmarks! .

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