Don’t be afraid to share your story

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Words have power to heal…. !!! YOUR WORDS CAN HEAL SOMEONE and your story can help others to fight with the struggles of their life. So , share your story to make the people know the right way to come out from the fears.

let’s write a post inspired by a person , your own life or any situation whom you feel that helped you to come out from the tangles of emotions,thoughts and difficult situations or circumstances where you felt that is the end. Let’s write to inspire !!!

Just give words to your thoughts

there are many who are waiting

to hear from you……

give them light

from the burning candle

of your heart…

bring them out

from the deep hole of sadness

and loneliness…

tell them they are not alone…

there are many like them

who are struggling….

some have found the way to come out..


Broken hearts??

trying to mend your hearts…❤❤

Let’s be a supportive hand to the people who are stuck in same situation.

Your words may bring a positive impact on someone’s life…You never know !!! SHARE YOUR STORY NOW !!!

  • Write the post and leave the link in comment section or create a pingback.
  • You can also leave the link for the post which has already published on your site.
  • Kindly reply if any of the post, in comment section, has provided you any kind of help.
  • You can Write on any topic to create social awareness e.g. depression,mental health, people with special needs, differently abled people,child abuse, broken relationship and so on.
  • Your can write a poem , a story or a quote etc

Let’s extend our helping hands to bring the happiness, peace and love in every heart……❤❤

Read to get inspiration :

1.How to cope with Anxiety by my passion projects blog.

2. An inspiring story of a retired Navy officer who came out as a winner from his most depressive times of life. (7/2/2018)

3. Low self esteem for Men –   An article explaining different ways to improve the self esteem by my fellow blogger Sarah.

Waiting for the next !!!

So..Don’t be afraid

to share your story….



A big Thank You to the contributors…


Special thanks to Jirah and Kida for their awesome contribution to my post and being a part of Write To Inspire Mission

Do not forget to visit their post to read their opinions towards the issues they have written about.

Thank You to all my wonderful readers too for reading my blog and being a part of this journey  ???

And the journey continues……

Share your struggles to inspire others!

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  1. ken

    Beautiful! Very inspiring

    1. msarora

      Thank you Ken….

      1. ken

        You’re welcome

    1. msarora

      Tha now for reading and appreciating. Will visit your blog soon.

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