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Shattered pieces – A short poem

Broken pieces of glass , poem , positivity, poetry ,journey of life

Shattered on the floor
Few sparkling glass pieces
Each has its own story
Yet the same feeling

Afraid of sharing
Hidden in the deep dark
Away the sight ,

so eerie,with no spark

With the four walls around
Years and years passed
No one could see them
Barely got touched

On the other side of wall

Was a different story

Someone was waiting

To change the fate

A streak of light
Far from the sky
Took some pains
To make a way

Startling through the roof

Moving away the dust

Chiseled out the air

Touched the faces of those

Just touched a corner
And activated all the particles
Up and down , left n right
Kindled the dormant enery

Gave a new birth

To all those pieces

As the prismatic light

Was scattered all around.

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  1. Ashli

    I used to write a lot of poetry and this reminds me of what I used to write – love it!!

    following your blog!!

  2. neha98blog

    Poetry is the expression of our feelings,our pent up agonies and what could be the precise expression than this piece of yours.

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